Zipper Common Sense

Introduction of Zipper

A.Commonly Used Method for Discerning the Quality of A Zipper

Tape: The dyeing for the tape should be even and feel soft without any stains or scars. The edge of the tape looks like a wave.

Teeth: The surface of the teeth should be smooth. They should feel soft in use.

Slider: The brace should go smooth and freely, fasten firmly, and won’t slide off.

Hem: The hem fits the band well, and won’t break and come off easily.

Separating pin and retainer of the separating unit:

The square bolt should be inserted freely and fastened closely to the band.

Top Stop and End Stop:

a. The bottom stop should come together with the teeth or be fastened on the surface, which should be firm and flat.

b. The top stop should come together with the first tooth on the metal and nylon zippers. The distance should not be more than 1cm. It should be firm and look fine.

B.Tips for Selecting A Zipper

Different zippers are applicable for different conditions. Hence, the buyers should discuss the following issues with the manufacturers when purchasing zippers.

a. Application of the zipper (such as the leather trunk, footwear, jacket, raincoat, tent, jeans requiring hard washing, leather products with high acidity, etc. ) or any other special requirements

b. Requirements for the content of the zipper- whether the zipper should not contain AZO/Nickel or pass the needle detector.

C.Tolerance of Zipper Length

Zippers will display natural tolerance during the manufacturing process, which is caused by the speed of machine operation, the technique involved, and the tensility of the tape. The longer the zipper, the greater the tolerance.

Table of Errors for Germany DIN, Japanese Enterprise, and SBS Zipper

Errors provided by Japanese enterprise in the NEW Century Fair

Zipper length (cm)Allowable tolerance

German DIN,3419 Part2.1

Zipper length (cm)Allowable tolerance

Errors provided by SBS Zipper

Zipper length (cm)Allowable tolerance
Classification of zipper
classification of zipper
Structure of Zipper

A zipper can be divided into three major parts: the tape, the teeth, and the slider.

①Forth and Backhead tape

Head tape is the part of a zipper without teeth. Forth head tape is the tip of the top stop while back head tape is the tip of the bottom stop.

②Top stop

An element that is fixed on the top of the chain to prevent the slider from sliding off.


It is a movable component that enables the teeth to join and separate.


It is a part of the slider which can be designed in various geometric shapes. The puller is connected to the slider through the middle component for sliding up or down the zipper.


Teeth are made of metal or plastic, which form certain shapes after processing.


A soft belt made of cotton yarn and synthetic fiber and used for bearing the teeth and other components.

⑦Bottom stop

An element that is fixed on the bottom of the chain to prevent the slider from moving away.

structure of zipper
Structure of Slider
structure of slider
Way of Measuring

                        L: The standard length of the zipper 

Sample      L1:Forth head tape

                         L2:Back head tape

Closed-end ZipperFrom the top end of the slider to the tip of the bottom stopclosed end zipper
Open-end ZipperFrom the top end of the slider to the tip of the open partopen end zipper
Two-way open-end zipperFrom the top end of the slider to the bottom end of the reinforcing tape to the tip of the open parttwo way open end zipper
Zipper with double sliders arranged in head-to-head relationFrom the tip of one bottom stop to the tip of the other bottom stopzipper with double sliders arranged in head to head relation
Zipper with double sliders arranged in bottom-to-bottom relationFrom the top end of one slider to the top end of the other sliderzipper with double sliders arranged in bottom to bottom relation

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