Our Laboratory has obtained the CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate of which the number is No. CNASL5571. SBS is the only enterprise with a national laboratory in China’s zipper industry so far. It is responsible for the quality control of raw materials, finished products/semi-finished products as well as improved products. Testing capability includes resistance to reciprocation, physical performance test, strength of raw and auxiliary materials, washing test, salt spray corrosion test, fastness test, mechanical analysis, color comparison, magnetic testing, and chemical Performance Test.

CNAS Approval
Laboratory Accreditation
Testing Capability
testing capability
Key Testing Equipments
x ray fluorescence analyzer

X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

The X-ray fluorescence analyzer is mainly used for screening the content of chemical elements in semi-finished products, finished zippers, and certain raw materials, including lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, barium, antimony, and selenium as well as analyzing the unknown components in the samples. This surface scanning method will not cause any damage.

electronic universal tensile testing machine

Electronic Universal Tensile Testing Machine

The electronic universal tensile testing machine is used for testing the anti-tensile strength and elongation of the copper wires, welding wires, plastics, polyester yarns, and steel belts based on different fixtures.

tensile testing machine

Tensile Testing Machine

The tensile testing machine is used for testing the physical properties of the finished and semi-finished zippers based on different fixtures by such standards as BS 3084, ASTM, D2061, QB/T 2171-2173, SBS standard, etc.

zipper reciprocating testing instrument

Zipper Reciprocating Testing Instrument

The zipper reciprocating testing instrument is used for testing the anti-fatigue performance of the zippers through the reciprocating opening and closing of the zipper sample under vertical and lateral tension.

atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

The atomic absorption spectrophotometer is mainly used for testing the content of harmful heavy metals involved in such raw materials as zinc alloy, metal accessories, paint, etc. as well as the content of heavy metals contained in the textiles.

salt spraying tester

Salt Spraying Tester

The salt spraying tester is used for testing the corrosion resistance performance of the metal zippers and electroplated sliders. The concentration of sodium chloride falls between 1% and 5%. And the test time varies from customer to customer.

temp&humi chamber


The TEMP&HUMI chamber is used for testing whether any color transfer would occur to the zipper teeth, tape, and fabric provided by the customers under constant temperature and humidity conditions for a certain period.

washing fastness tester

Washing Fastness Tester

The washing fastness tester is used for testing the color fastness of the tape being washed as well as the adhesive force of the surface paint and oxide layer of the sprayed/electroplated sliders and metal zippers.

iso standards washer and dryer

ISO Standards Washer and Dryer

The ISO standards washer and dryer is mainly used for inspecting whether any peeling(paint), wear and tear, and other changes would occur to the sprayed/electroplated sliders, metal zippers, etc. based on the simulated garment washing test carried out. It is also used for inspecting the influence of shrinkage on the elongation of the zipper products based on the simulated garment shrinkage test performed.

gas chromatography mass spectrometry instrument

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Instrument

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry InstrumentThe gas chromatography-mass spectrometry instrument is used for the rapid detection of organic compounds in such raw materials as toner, color paste, plastic particles, paint, etc. including azo dyes, phthalate, chlorinated phenols, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, brominated flame retardant, organic tin compounds, dimethyl fumarate, etc. which are prohibited.

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