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Production Capacity
Production Advantages

By far, we have established 5 mass production bases, including Fujian (headquarters), Shanghai, Tianjin, Dongguan and Chengdu. Apart from the zipper manufacturing bases, we have established a button factory in response to the increasingly growing demands for diversified accessories and one-stop purchasing.

We focus on producing and marketing SBS Brand zippers, buttons & accessories, precision molds, and metal & plastic pressing castings, and have developed into a manufacturing base with a wide range of products and a complete set of facilities in China.

Factory Information(Fujian Headquarter)
Factory Size Above 100,000 square meters
Factory Location Wulou Goudong Industrial Zone, Shenhu, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, China
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing SBS Label Offered/ OEM Service Offered/Design Service Offered
Annual Output Value(Excluding the Domestic Sales) Above US$100 Million

Quality Assurance
Quality Control

SBS insists on seeking sustainable development, pursuing stable quality, and creating a green factory in compliance with the international laws & regulations and various management systems to meet the customers’ requirements.

We have passed the certification of ISO9000, ISO14000, SA8000, Oeko-Tex,Bluesign® System, etc. and have always been carrying out operations in strict compliance with the systems. Furthermore, we have established our own “Product Standards" in accordance with the international standards that have been approved, such as BS3084, ASTM, DIN3416, JIS3015, etc.

Equipped with various cutting-edge experimental and inspection devices, we monitor the whole production process ranging from raw materials to the finished products, including the examination of the precision of molds & equipment accessories, chemical composition content, heavy metal content, physical properties, crystal structure, color fastness and so forth, all of which make sure that every index conforms with the standard requirements for zippers & buttons and goes above the customers’ requirements.

R&D Advantages
R&D Advantages

We have been committed to applying high technologies to transform the traditional industries in the past few years, and have contributed a lot to the technological progress in the zipper and button industries.

The Core Technologies of SBS include:
Mold Processing Technology which reduces the dependence on foreign countries in terms of technologies and results in the diversification of the zipper and button products

Mechanized Manufacturing in place of manual operations which greatly enhances the production efficiency & improves the product quality, and reduces the costs and energy consumption

Intelligent Design which greatly shortens the new product development cycle and reduces a lot of consumption in terms of manpower, material and financial resources

With over 30 years’ development, we have grown into a zipper and button manufacturer with powerful technical R&D strength. We apply for over 100 patents annually. By far, we have obtained over 380 patents, including 116 invention patents, 221 utility model patents and 44 design patents, together with over 200 types of newly developed techniques & equipment and more than 600 types of new products.

Transformation from Functionality to Fashion
Fashion Connection

To follow the fashion trend and meet various requirements, we have always been integrating the Functional Art with Decorative Art from the selection of raw materials, quality control to the design & production process, which has also witnessed an increase in the demand for zippers and buttons. We are able to provide various fashionable zippers, buttons and other accessories, including the electroplated sliders in a variety of colors and styles, custom-made sliders/pullers/teeth, teeth in a wide range of colors, tapes with mixed colors, customized textures, custom buttons, etc.

SBS held the first fashion show that was centered on zippers worldwide, more

Green Factory
Green Factory

SBS invested more than USD 5,000,000 to establish the Wastewater Treatment Center. The application of Water Reclamation Treatment System to the wastewater resulting from the electroplating process enables the recycling of approximately 60% of the reclaimed water, which effectively reduces the wastewater discharge.

In addition, we are currently working on the supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) dyeing technology, which is expected to simplify the dyeing process, reduce the dyeing cost involved, simplify & eliminate the post-processing procedures, achieve eco-friendliness with zero discharge of the waste liquid, etc. compared to the traditional dyeing technology.

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