As one of the leading zipper solutions provider with 38+ years,SBS is dedicated to sustainable socioeconomic devel-opment and strives to build a better connected world in which everyone can share everything.

Brief Introduction

Since its establishment, SBS has undertaken social responsibility actively. The senior management attaches great importance to the implementation and performance of environmental protection work. SBS has always been adhering to the principle of being an eco-friendly enterprise. Over the years, SBS has taken “up-to-standard discharge” as its basic goal. SBS continues to build and optimize environmental protection equipment, introduce professional environmental protection personnel, and improve the production process.SBS calls on every employee to take the initiative to participate in environmental protection.
To ensure the implementation of environmental protection, SBS has been implementing ISO14001 and Bluesign certification for a long time, formulating a well-established internal environmental management system. Besides, SBS actively cooperates with international brand customers in environmental protection. We dock with international standards to promote our capabilities. In terms of products, the company has established an environmental protection system from raw materials to product delivery. In terms of processing, SBS annually identifies environmental impact factors in the whole company area and keeps them under control. SBS keeps improving itself by establishing an assessment system. Over the years, the improvement in environmental performance has been remarkable.
In recent years, the environmental policy of China has been strict continuedly. As an enterprise, it means higher environmental protection requirements, stricter environmental protection standards, more investment in environmental protection, and a more positive attitude toward social responsibility. At the same time, we also consider this as an opportunity. SBS has set up a new department for environmental protection, strengthened its responsibilities, improved the management system, increased the investment in environmental protection, and implemented stricter environmental management.SBS firmly believes that by taking multiple measures, environmental protection will become another name card of SBS, and lay a more solid foundation for company development. We are committed to building a beautiful China.

Sustainability Guideline

Limiting the impacts on the environment is a fundamental part of SBS business and it’s also a thing that all SBS employees need to take it seriously. The senior management of SBS has set company goals and indicators to lead the company to achieve the highest feasible standards of environmental performance. We will try our best to protect the environment in all aspects of our company operations:

sbs environmental activity
Review environmental policies and ensure they are useful to achieve the company's business objectives.

Sustainability History

Management Systems

SBS has set up a Sustainable Development Department with full-time and part-time environmental protection specialists. In 2006, SBS introduced the ISO14001 environmental management system.SBS has operated it effectively for a long time, formulating 30 environmental protection regulations. SBS organizes annual company-wide environmental factor identification and evaluation for each business unit. According to the result, SBS makes management plans and implements them throughout the whole year. According to the rated major environmental factors, SBS sets environmental goals and indicators one by one and makes an assessment every month. Key environmental emission indicators are monitored at regular intervals. External certification audit has no written nonconformance in 10 consecutive years.
Besides, SBS has introduced HIGG FEM assessment to improve environmental management work and environmental performance gradually. The Higg Index Score is 59.8, the highest score in China’s zipper industry.

Environmental Committee

To advocate environmental protection and public welfare culture, and cultivate employees’ awareness of social responsibility and environmental protection, SBS focuses on the parts that can be reduced, reused, repaired, and recycled in the production and operation process. We are committed to the research of new environmental protection technology and reducing pollutants emissions, to save energy, reduce consumption and pollution, and improve efficiency. SBS always delivers green products of high quality to society and customers, undertaking the company’s social and environmental responsibility.
SBS has set up an environmental protection and public welfare committee, organizing related activities regularly.

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