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SBS Leadership

Mingqu Shi

President and Director

Mingqu Shi is responsible for the strategy development, performance management and public relations of SBS Zipper.

Tian Zhang

Vice President,Director and Director of the R&D Center

Tian Zhang is an outstanding innovator, responsible for the corporate management of SBS. He is also in charge of the product development & project management of the R&D Center.

Jingbo Xie

Vice President and Secretary of the Board

Shanming Yuan

Production Director

Shanming Yuan is mainly responsible for the management and coordination of the production system, and supervision of the production lines.

Xiaoling He

Human Resources Director

Xiaoling He is mainly responsible for the development and implementation of human resources policies, programs and strategies.

Xiaofeng Zhang

Head of Digital Marketing

 - Expert of Digital Marketing & Brand Operation

Link exchange:0086 - 18750258382 (mobile/wechat)

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