Rubberizing Waterproof Nylon Zipper

Rubberizing Waterproof Nylon Zipper

The thin layer of TPU film attached to the nylon surface enables the zipper to be water repellent.
The effect falls into 3 categories, including the matte surface, shiny surface and half-matte surface.
The matte surface is the most widely used one, followed by the half-matte surface.


Model Classification
Close End Open End 2 Way Close End 2 Way Open End Chain
3CYTG01 × ×
7CYCA × ×
7CYCA(PL30) × ×
7CYTG01(YTJ) × ×
7CYT × ×
7CYTPG × ×
8CYTG × ×

Structure of a zipper

Item Variation

Element Color
109(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 111(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 117(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 118(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 120(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 122(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper)
109 111 117 118 120 122
123(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 124(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 127(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 129(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 132(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper) 7ytsbs pearl green color changed coating(rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper)
123 124 127 129 132 7YTSBS Pearl Green Color-changed Coating


Product Details

rubberizing waterproof nylon zipper(2)


– Please avoid ironing as it may cause the waterproof film to peel off. If needed, a piece of thin cloth should be used to cover the zipper before ironing.

– Please avoid direct exposure to the sunlight, which can cause the color to fade, get yellow, etc. The color of the zipper may be slightly darker than that of the rubber surface due to the characteristic of polyurethane.

Packing of the finished clothing
– Thin paper should be laid between the items or interior clothing to prevent the zipper color from spreading to the clothing fabric during the transportation.

This zipper is not applicable for the diving suit due to its water repellent feature.


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