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SBS insists on seeking sustainable development, pursuing stable quality, and creating a green factory in compliance with the international laws & regulations and various management systems to meet the customers’ requirements.

We have passed the certification of ISO9000, ISO14000, SA8000, Oeko-Tex,Bluesign® System etc. and have always been carrying out operations in strict compliance with the systems. Furthermore, we have established our own “Product Standards" in accordance with the international standards that have been approved, such as BS3084, ASTM, DIN3416, JIS3015, etc.

Equipped with various cutting-edge experimental and inspection devices, we monitor the whole process ranging from raw materials to the finished products, including the examination of the precision of molds & equipment accessories, chemical composition content, heavy metal content, physical properties, crystal structure, color fastness and so forth, all of which make sure that every index conforms with the standard requirements for zippers & buttons and goes above the customers’ requirements.

Performance Testing

Washing Performance and Salt Spray Test Projects

Slider,Zipper Teeth,Top and Bottom Stop

Salt Spray Test

ASTM D2059,ISO9227,ASTM B117,SBS(QS-QA-054);

Ordinary Washing Test


(Heavy) Enzyle Washing Test


Color Migration Test



Colour Fastness To Washing

standard:GB/T 3921,
AATCC61ISO 105 C06

Colour Fastness To Crocking

AATCC8,ISO 105 X12

Colour Fastness To Perspiration

ISO 105-E04

Adhesive Tape

Steaming Washing Test


Strip,Code Loaded Zipper

Dimensional Stability To Washing and Appearance Change Test

Standard: GB/T 8629, AATCC 150, AATCC 135, ISO 6330, SBS(QEOM-803-029)

Ironing Shrinkage Test

Standard: SBS(QEOM-803-029)

Anti-yellowing Change Test

Standard: QB/T 3689

Chemical Performance Test Projects

Metal Parts

Total Lead Content Test

Standard: CPSC-CH-E1001-08

Zinc Alloy

PD,Cu,Fe,Ni,Cd and other Elements Test

Standard: GB/T 12689

Extractable Heavy Metal Test

Standard: GB/T 17593.1


pH Test

Standard: GB/T 7573,ISO 3701

Extractable Heavy Metal Test

Standard: GB/T 17593.1

Tensile Property of Polyester

Standard:GBT 3916

Metal Wire

Pb,Cu,Fe and other Elements Test

Standard: GB/T 5121

Tensile Property Test

Standard: GB/T 228

Vivtorinox Hardness Test

Standard: GB/T 4340

Plastic Zipper and Nylon Zipper Teeth,Plastic Sheet

Tensile Property Test

Standard: GB/T 1040

Phthalate(s) Content Test

Standard: GB/T 22048
Standard: QB/T 3689

Paint Coatings

Lead Content Test

Standard: GB/T 22788

PAH Test

Standard: ZEK01.4-08

Heavy Metal Content Test

Fluorescence Spectrometry

Physical test of the zipper
A panorama of SBS Zipper

SBS Fashion Week