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Our Culture

As the soul of an enterprise, the source of the core competitiveness of an enterprise, the guideline to the corporate actions, corporate culture plays an irreplaceable key role in the business operations.

The previous corporate culture which enabled us to become the first listed company and grow into the behemoth in the domestic zipper industry has witnessed various great accomplishments made by us.

In the face of the changeable and competitive environment and to carry out the development strategy of "national distribution and global penetration”, it is imperative that we should take positive actions in terms of culture, take the major issues into further consideration again, and learn from the experience, set specific goals and unify our will.

Based on the previous corporate culture, the new Corporate Culture Outline has seen some revisions and innovations in terms of our prospect, mission, management ideas, corporate spirit, core values and quality policies. The New Corporate Culture is expected to ensure that the values and behaviors of every member in SBS are consistent with its prospect of "Century-old SBS, World-class Brand" and its mission of “Growing SBS into Well-known World-class Brand".

Basic Components of the Corporate Culture

Components of SBS Corporate Culture


To Grow SBS into A Well-known World-class Brand

Century-old SBS ,World-class Brand.

Century-old SBS

There stand a great many excellent world-class enterprises that carry out sustainable operation in support of every powerful nation or country. As the top zipper manufacturer in China, we also advocate for sustainable operation, which is mainly implemented in the following aspects.

Sound performance in terms of speed, quality, brand, effectiveness and service that lays a solid foundation.

Continuous creation of more values for the customers that lays a substantial foundation.

Establishment of excellent corporate culture and cultural transmission to various subsidiaries that lays a cultural foundation.

Specialization in the zipper & accessories industry that lays a strategic foundation

World-class Brand

It is Brand that creates more values for the customers and yields greater profits, which in turn helps to bring about technological innovation, bring in talents and enable the staff to bring their potentials into full play and realize their values.

A world-class brand is expected to match a world-class enterprise. Likewise, we are supposed to build a brand that corresponds to our position in the zipper industry.


To Make SBS A Well-known World-class Brand

Encouraging every member to take participation in the brand operation, and effectively activating their brand awareness and releasing their striking brand energy to enable them to contribute to the accumulated value of SBS brand is the internal driving force for making us a well-known world-class brand which the Chinese people would be proud of.

Management Ideas


As is known to all, the competition of modern enterprises centers around Speed rather than Scale which means that "Speed is everything". Speed, along with quick response and fashion trend that will create more values for the customers plays a significant role in a variety of aspects, including:

Launching innovative products and services earlier and bringing the target market under control

Reaching the customers in the first place and establishing a loyal relationship with them

Grasping the fashion trend in a timely manner

Avoiding and minimizing the commercial risks

Overawing the competitors, erecting competitive barriers and gaining more advantages in the competition


Going beyond oneself, going beyond the competitors, and going beyond the expectations of the customers demonstrates the pursuit of excellence in performance, which will create more values for the customers.

It is ceaseless self-denial and self-transcendence that enables a person, an organization and even an enterprise to achieve great accomplishments constantly.

"Beyond" is the spiritual pursuit of every member in SBS. To Be the Best and To Be No .1 is the inherent requirement of the corporate spirit as well as the eternal requirement to be met by every member, which has turned out to be the internal driving force for our continuous transformation and innovation.


What we offer is not only zippers, but also an integrated solution to zippers and accessories in accordance with our grasp of the international fashion trend and research carried out into the customers’ brands.

Delivering service is a process that involves the customers’ experience of SBS brand as well as their full participation in providing an integrated solution. Sticking to delivering attentive, fast and professional service is our starting point and ultimate goal, which is expected to create more values for the customers.

Corporate Spirit

To Be the Best and To Be NO.1

"To DO the Best" means being equipped with the best fashion design, the top-notch manufacturing technology and the best product quality, winning over the most valuable customers with the highest-rated customer satisfaction, and growing into an enterprise that all investors, staff and customers would show respect for.

"To be NO.1" is the ultimate goal that we should be aimed at, specifically speaking, keeping the record of The Leading Zipper Manufacturer in China in terms of either the development scale or the profits yielded, developing into the preferred vendor for the clients which the domestic purchasing agents and suppliers would also like to establish a long-term partnership with.

Every member and every department should be courageous in pursuit of the Corporate Spirit of "To Be the Best and To Be NO.1"

Core Values

To Connect Closely & To Create the Future

Core Values of SBS Zipper

We always pursue win-win cooperation between the society, shareholders, staff, clients and partners, all of whom are supposed to contribute to and partake of the accomplishments in the future.

Quality Policies

Details contribute to quality, which lays a foundation for a brand and its values.

We place great emphasis on the quality in every detail with reference to the products and customers, ranging from raw materials, service to staff performance, both internally and externally, and seek perfection in every workflow and every detail.

We will make constant innovations and improvements in quality to set an example for the industry and exceed the expectations of the customers.


Winning trust is of great honor and responsibility; Taking criticism is of great wisdom and courage.

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