Non Lock Slider

Non Lock Slider

Coil(Nylon) zipper is made of spiral polyester fibre. It is soft, smooth and multi-colored, which is the most common type of zipper.

Zipper-type Model Classification
Close End Open End 2 Way Close End 2 Way Open End

Metal Zipper

3.5M  ×  ×
4M  × ×  ×
5M ×  ×
8M  ×  ×
10M ×  ×

Plastic Zipper

3P  × ×  ×
5P ×  ×
8P ×  ×
20P × ×

Coil Zipper

4.5C × × ×
5C × × ×
7C × ×
10C × ×


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