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Transformation from Functionality to Fashion

To follow the fashion trend and meet various requirements, we have always been integrating the Functional Art with Decorative Art from the selection of raw materials, quality control to the design & production process, which has also witnessed an increase in the demand for zippers and buttons. We are able to provide various fashionable zippers, buttons and other accessories, including the electroplated sliders in a variety of colors and styles, custom-made sliders/pullers/teeth, teeth in a wide range of colors, tapes with mixed colors, customized textures, custom buttons, etc.

SBS held the first fashion show that was centered on zippers worldwide, holding the belief that the roles zippers played would change in the future. The show has not only led to the discovery of the charm of zippers and raised the awareness that zippers are elements that are indispensable to the fashion trend, but has also started a new era for and contributed a lot to the development of the zipper industry in China.

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SBS Fashion Week

A panorama of SBS Zipper

SBS Fashion Week