Zippers Used in Footwear

There used to be a few undeniable facts about footwear, and chief amongst those is that they used either laces or velcro. However, both fashion and technology keep changing and zippers are finding a bigger presence in the footwear world with each passing day. And that’s why we are here today, to take a look at the different zipper functions both in design and fashion, and to discover for ourselves just how much of a splash zippers are making at the shoe world.

Back Zipper BootsBack Zipper Boots

The first and most common function when it comes to zippers in footwear is a classic back zipper for an easier time putting on your shoe. This is one of the most practical uses a zipper can provide as it saves time on one of the most annoying tasks for shoes with a tight fit, which is difficultly slipping feet in. The little zipper saves a lot of effort and while it has long been a mainstay in women’s shoes it’s finding a larger presence in men’s footwear as well.

Decorative Zippers for SneakersDecorative Zippers for Sneakers

Believe it or not there is a notorious presence of zipper fashion in shoes. Zippers by themselves have become iconic in the world of clothing thanks to their prevalence in jeans and other clothes which have proved to timeless. As such the iconic look zippers offer have become a trend by themselves, and shoes aren’t left behind. When it comes to decorative zippers the focus is a placement that makes it easy to see them, like the outer rim. These zippers usually can’t even open, but they sure add an extra layer of impact to a design.

Adidas Customizable Shoes
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Customizable Shoes

Both function and fashion come together for this unique category, proving just how versatile zippers are for the world of footwear. Customizable shoes aren’t that new in the market, but each new design and model knows how to push forward the designs to make more impressive models. In the model we are seeing Adidas offers two different tongue designs to fit the user’s preference, with the alternative one using a zipper instead of laces. But zippers can also have a functional purpose by letting new pieces stick together, and allow sneakers to turn into high kick boots for example.

All in all, zippers have already made a large impact in the world of footwear and with each passing season and the newer trends we can expect to see a bigger impact on the world of footwear. Both for design and function zippers are proving to be one of the best accessories for shoes, and we have no doubt they’ll keep changing the shoe game for years to come.

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