Zipper Terminologies You Should Know

zipper terminology

A zipper, known by many as a locker, is mostly used for bringing together the edge of an opening. That opening can be made of fabric or flexible materials such as a bag or a garment. Zippers are generally used in clothing, luggage, sporting and camping gears.

Zippers are of different types such as coil zippers, invisible zippers, metal zippers, reverse coil zippers, open-end zippers, two way open-end zippers and plastic molded zippers. Here are some important definitions you should know to assist in your zipper needs.

Chain: The chain of the zipper is a piece that is continuous and is formed when both sides of the zipper are brought together.

Continuous Chain: Refers to a zipper chain that can be spooled continuously without sliders.

Chain Size: It refers to the gauge of the chain – some gauge sizes commonly used are #3, #5, #7 and #10. The bigger the gauge size, the wider the teeth will be.

Slider: This is a device that moves down the chain to open the zipper, and up to close the zipper. There are different types of sliders used, depending on the needs of the user.

Material: It is basically the type of substance used to make the zipper. The material can be metallic, nylon or plastic.

Pull Tab: It is the handle you hold as you slide up or down the zipper.

Pin: Is used mainly on a jacket that is separating, to make it easy for both zipper halves to be joined.

Top Stop: Are made up of two devices found at the top of the zipper. They work by preventing the zipper from sliding off as you slide up the chain.

Bottom Stop: They are devices found at the bottom of the zipper. They are important in stopping further movement and separation of half the zipper.

Box: Is also used on a jacket that is separating, to align the pin correctly as both halves of the zipper join together.

Heat Seal Patch: It is made of cotton and nylon laminated together found at the bottom of the zipper and is used to reinforce the tape.

Tape: Is the part of the zipper that is mostly made of polyester material.

Tape Width: This is the width of the fabric on only one side of the zipper chain.

Tape Ends: This is the part of the zipper, made of fabric material that extends above the teeth either at the top or bottom of the chain.

Style: Refers to the design of the zipper for a specific use.

Cut-To-Length Zippers: Is a zipper that is completed to the desired length, having all components.

Everybody has or uses a piece of zipper in one way or the other. It is therefore necessary to know what components make up this unique locker.











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