Zipper Pulls-Tiny Accessories That Shape The Fashion Trends

SBS Zipper Pulls

One may argue that a zipper pull is probably the tiniest part of any outfit and therefore what’s in it anyway. Yes, we agree the zipper pull is seemingly small.

The irony however is that the zipper pull has earned its place in the fashion world as not only a functional piece but also an accessory.

A zipper pull could change a whole outfit outlook. It could transform a plain look into one that makes statements as the wearer struts along, automatically adding on the aesthetic value to an outfit to give it that pop.

The most awesome thing about the tiny accessory is how it can create different feels to different outfits. Don’t believe us?

A zipper pull could make an okay looking body con dress absolutely sexy especially if the zipper is at the front or the side. It gives that subtle flirty feel that a good body con dress should come in. The same zipper pull may also foster a sporty feel on a hood or sports jacket. Try and add on a circle zipper pull on a crop top with a front zip and it begins to reek of sophistication rather than just plain casual feels.

For kids, zipper pulls can double as a form of identification for their clothes which are susceptible to misplacement or loss. Colorful zipper pulls will add a feel of warmth and playfulness, while fun items such as dog bones, flowers, love hearts make them more appealing for the children.

For men, a good round zipper pull will add on a sporty casual feel to a jacket or a hoodie. This goes a long way to complement other accessories one might have on like a watch or neck piece. The addition of manly features on the zipper pull such as the tie will complement the masculine feel of the outfit.

For the ladies, the zipper pulls come in a wider range of soft feminine colors like pink and gold and metallic black for those who want to keep it classy all the way. Soft and feminine features like the love heart will soften looks and complement femininity and class.

A pull with a good hold will also make it easy to navigate around the zipper, making it convenient and time saving while it still leaves some more pop style hanging. This is especially important for sporty wear that requires quick taking off or putting on.

Colorful zipper pulls are also great accessories to fashion fanatics who may wish to combine outfits with different color pops. The color on the zipper pull will also transform a boring plain outfit to one with great aesthetic accessory.

The neon strip is also a great addition to the zipper pull family. It is not only a great fashion trend, but will scream sophistication as the wearers walk along.

At SBS Zipper, we offer great varieties of zipper pulls based on different collections to suit each need and intended feel. With us giving you the liberty to customize your zipper pulls, you can choose your favorite design and have fun mixing and matching as you may wish.

Check out our collections of custom zipper pulls to fully exploit the aesthetic value of the tiny accessories.

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