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Zipper Color Matching: Factors Affecting Zipper Color

different light sources

Color matching is an important quality control step usually carried out during the manufacturing of zippers. Its primary purpose is to ensure color consistency among different parts and batches of zippers, thus meeting the appearance requirements and quality standards of products.

The Factors Influence Color Judgment

The perception of color involves three key elements: light source, object and observer. Color is a subjective perception, and various factors can influence the observer’s judgment, including the surrounding environment, the colors observer seen before, food, medications, genetic factors, age, etc. To ensure the accuracy of our product colors and provide customers with satisfactory products, we have strict assessments and requirements for our color matching employees.

Light Sources for Color Matching

zipper under different light sources

The light sources usually used for color matching are D65 (Artificial Daylight), TL84, CWF (Cool White Fluorescent), UV(Ultra-Violet), A etc.

light tubes for color matching
Light tubes for color matching

What Is Metamerism

The phenomenon where two substances appear to have the same color under one light source but exhibit different under another light source is called “metamerism.” For example, the color difference between bulk samples and confirmed samples can be as high as 4 units under D65, but only 3-4 units under TL84, which is a common example of metamerism.

Due to the phenomenon of “Metamerism,” various pigments such as dyes and paints may look different under different light sources. When comparing our zipper with the fabric your provided under office lighting, you may feel a color difference.

Besides, different components of the zipper, such as tape, slider, and teeth, may also differ in color. If the color chosen or approved for the zipper tape is not matched under D65, it may result in a significant color difference between the SBS color card and the standard color. All of these phenomena could be attributed to the “metamerism” phenomenon.

How to Avoid Metamerism

To avoid these issues and ensure better color consistency, SBS uses D65 as the standard light source for SBS color cards matching. If you intend to use other light sources besides D65 for color matching, please inform our sales person in advance.


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