Why SBS Zipper Greatly Focuses on Innovation and Reform

Why SBS Zipper Greatly Focuses on Innovation and Reform

In order to cope with the current domestic and international complex and changeable economic environment and realize the future striding development of the SBS zipper, professional external consultancy has been introduced to oil the wheel of SBS development strategies and programs. Innovation and reform are not only the theme of the world economic development, but also the magic weapon of enterprises to keep long-term health. That is to say, a company lacking innovation capability and courage to reform will decline and even die.

After more than 30 years of development since its establishment, SBS zipper has made great achievements and achieved many firsts. For instance, we are the first listed zipper enterprise, the first zipper enterprise awarded the tittle of “China Famous Brand”, the first zipper enterprise equipped with a national laboratory, etc. It can be said that SBS zipper takes the leading position in the zipper industry in China.

However, SBS zipper is also faced with great pressures coming from the trade war between China and the United States, the global economic and trade frictions, the accelerated shift of textile industry to Southeast Asian countries and the overcapacity of zipper industry, which undoubtedly brings a lot of uncertainty to the future development of SBS zipper. Standing at such a critical moment, innovation and reform are our only options if we want to continue to achieve new breakthroughs and new steps.


  • Product innovation: product appearance design and new product development
  • Technology innovation: production technology, production process and new equipment development
  • Marketing innovation: marketing model, competitive strategy and international layout


  • Strategy reform: Review the direction and objectives of the future development strategy, select the most suitable strategic business, and set achievable three-year strategic planning goals
  • Organization reform: Readjust the organization mode and group control mode for the future development strategy to achieve the best allocation of centralization and decentralization
  • Personnel reform: Let all employees find the best stage for their talents

To conclude, we believe that self-change is to move forward better and we believe that innovation and reform will make us fly higher and further in the face of such a complex and volatile world.

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