Why Metal Buttons Need Surface Treatment

Why Metal Buttons Need Surface Treatment

A chic metal button will go through a few manufacturing processes and special treatments before being attached to clothing. In order to give full play to the function of metal buttons, it is obviously necessary to deal with their surface properly.


1. Brightness
Compared with other fasteners made from natural wood or resin, metal buttons own bright metal texture, which is their basic characteristic to catch sight. Now, it seems that mirror reflect or simple bright effect can not meet the needs of diversified clothing. Metal buttons with matte effect possess soft color and smooth surface, which are catching on currently. The different combinations of colors and patterns provide us a number of high-grade and specialized products.

2. Color
Color and lustre play an important role in the decoration function of metal buttons, and various colors appeal to us with different charming. For instance, gold or imitation gold stand for elegance and luxury; antique colors like bronze, red copper, ancient silver, ancient nickel show the sense of the times and history; black series such as gun black and black nickel reflect mystery and nobleness.

With the continuous innovation of technology, people break traditional ideas and put forward plenty of combinations of various colors to make the surface of metal buttons more chic and characteristic.

3. Pattern
To present a more perfect surface effect, in addition to brightness and color, the surface of metal buttons will have personalized patterns after certain special treatments, such as circle, particle, bi-color, relief, etc.


For metal buttons without surface treatment, there may exist serious problems in their service life and appearance after used for a period. Hence, metal buttons must undergo surface treatment to possess certain ability to protect themselves from the erosion of water, wet weather, salt, chemical and organics and so on. Besides, surface treatment contributes to improve their surface hardness and wear resistance.

What’s more, advanced technology makes it possible to add more functions to metal buttons through surface treatment, such as sterilization, reflection, resistance to high temperature and so on.

In a word, surface treatment is necessary for metal buttons, which not only makes them become a fashionable item, but also extends their service life.

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