Unzipping the Potential Artistic Aesthetic of Zipper


There are a ton of items in our live that are sudden inspire your creativity. Take the small item zipper as an example, it steps up our convenience but also can be a cultural embellishment. Many works about zipper from creative minds of artists like Hirotoshi Itoh’s Grinning StonesZip-Slider Ship and so on. These wondrous things definitely unleash our imagination. So magical, Fancy! How can zipper such fantastic? Today, I want to share another zipper art with you to open a new angle of recognition in zipper.

Jun Kitagawa, an artist from Japan, stepped into art world accidentally. For sake of disposition to an inventory of a pile of T-shirts, he walked around town to “covering up” nude statues. While, such acts maybe considered as vandalism in our culture but also a stunt. Therefrom, Kitagawa started his creations of installation art in public spaces. The most attention-grabbing work is an ongoing series of giant zippers in various publics spaces. The first zipper work is an eidetic unzipped circular zipper painted on a tunnel wall. It is well inspired from mural art and interprets a three-dimensional visual effect to us. Then more related zipper works emerged. An invisible dark water beneath a pond’s surface. The concealed areas in a building’s framework. Kitagawa offer an uncanny window for our imagination with blending the reality. His works unleash the potential artistic aesthetic of zipper and give us a fresh perspective to see the world.

zipper installation art1zipper installation art2zipper installation art3

SBS as a professional zipper manufacturer, is devoted itself to explore more potential possibilities of zippers. Recently, some new-technology zipper products have launched. You can keep reading our video to get more information.

all images source mymodernmet.com

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