Top Ten Pantone Fashion Colors For Fall 2016

Pantone fashion color report fall 2016

Colors always throw a reflection on what is going on in the world. According to the fashion report released by the Pantone Color Institute for fall 2016, 10 key colors that will take over the upcoming fall season are identified. The report is compiled by the worldwide color experts.

Let us take a quick glance at the top color trends in this fall season picked out by the specialist forecasters, listed in alphabetical order as follows.

1. Airy Blue (PANTONE 14-4122)
In the world that is filled with conflict, the designers tend to seek weightlessness. Not surprisingly, the blue tones that refresh the notion of serenity play the most influential roles in the color palette for this fall season, accounting for almost half of the designs.

Airy Blue

The Airy Blue that suggests freedom and lightness is a lighter version for those who prefer softness in this fall season. The blue shade is pair-able with Taupe, Dusty Cedar and Lush Meadow.

2.Aurora Red (PANTONE 18-1550)
A little red will never hurt! The red tones that suggest warmth and confidence have been witnessed over and over again in various Fashion Weeks.

Aurora Red

The Aurora Red adds a welcome punch to the fall collections. The warm and sensual bold red is pleasant to the eye, while the dynamic and exciting feelings it brings invites confidence.

3.Bodacious (PANTONE 17-3240)
A slightly stronger shade of the pastel violet with the hints of a more sophisticated Pink!


The versatile Bodacious is not restricted to genders, which we have always been craving for, deviating from the conventional fall shades and lending itself to vivacious color combinations. It pairs well with Pinks and Reds.

4.Dusty Cedar (PANTONE 18-1630)
The great dustier rose-toned pink shade with exquisiteness makes the 2016 PANTONE Color Year List, manifesting warmth & welcome and adding some complexity.

 Dusty Cedar

5. Lush Meadow (PANTONE 18-5845)
Green shade always reminds us of the botanicals and foliage, which inject positivity and life into our outfits and wardrobes. The trendy green shade displays richness & elegance, vibrancy and sophistication throughout the fall collections.

Lush Meadow

6.Potter’s Clay (PANTONE 18-1340)
Another color featured as the fashion trend that makes the Pantone list!

Potter's Clay

The neutral earth tone with a strong foundation and real substance adds a warmth, sophistication and layering effect to the fall fashion, which would also be influential going forward into winter 2016.

7. Riverside (PANTONE 17-4028)
Positioned as one of the trendiest blue shades in this fall collections.


The constancy & strength and calmness & coolness it brings plus the subtle vibrancy & sophistication demonstrated all enable Riverside to take precedence over other shades in the fall season.

8.Sharkskin (PANTONE 17-3914)
Grays lend a notion of stability. This trendy grey shade is pair-able with any color in this fall palette, either the warm or cold colors. It can be matched well with the bright or muted fall colors in a very flexible way.


9.Spicy Mustard (PANTONE 14-0952)
The warm yet refreshing shade produces an unexpected and unusual effect. Compared with the previous seasons, the spicier, zestier yellow adds an exotic touch and breeds uplifting vibrancy.

Spicy Mustard

10.Warm Taupe (PANTONE 16-1318)
This seductive close-to-nude shade which is pair-able with other shades in this fall season will enjoy great popularity, although it deviates slightly from the backbone of the fall palette. The hearty, approachable and pleasing neutral lends a notion of stability and reassurance.

Warm Taupe

We hope designers and experts in the fashion industry can take full advantage of the professional and authoritative report for the upcoming seasonal fashion colors and shades, keep in step with the fashion trend and prepare tailored palettes for their customer groups with ease. As for the consumer groups, we hope they can make wise decision in the upcoming fall season.

The full report is available at PANTONE.

Image Source: PANTONE

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