Top 7 Colors for Streetwise Design

Top 7 Colors for Streetwise Design 1
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Fashion designers are focusing more on the subtle exaggeration of details that gets the nod from the very discerning Millennials, who have managed to blur the distinction between high fashion and street designs. This has eventually paved way to a new trend.

As simple as a wide bold uniquely-coloured and designed zipper lining an otherwise simple neutral-coloured jumper gives that personality and pizzazz the Millennials are thirsting for.

Today’s trend also has a more distinct flavour – Deep water (Pantone 18-4032), Raven (Pantone 19-0000), Treetop (Pantone 18-0135), High risk red (Pantone 18-1763), Oriole (Pantone 17-1350), Spectra yellow (Pantone 14-0957), & Straw (Pantone 13-0922).

Top 7 Colors for Streetwise Design
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These colors when combined strike a good balance between earthy and autumn. They are bold and yet more subdued than what they used to be in the 80s. This gives the new trend that distinctive style of being both lavish and a fashion rebel.

Given its over 70% market share in China and over 30 years of experience, SBS Zipper is in a good position to cater to these needs, providing high quality products.

SBS Zipper also has a wide array of colours card for its tapes, sliders, metal & plastic teeth, and special materials. You can easily mix and match these colours as SBS Zippers can cater to not only the customize designs but also to the specific the colour palettes of the zippers you need.

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