Things You Should Know about Metal Zipper Manufacturing

Metal Zipper Manufacturing

Similar to nylon zipper’s manufacturing process, the production of metal zipper is basically divided into 4 stages, including dyeing, chain production, slider manufacturing and finished product. However, the slight difference is that metal zipper’s dyeing is arranged before teeth chain production.

As for the teeth shape of metal zipper, there are several kinds for choice such as corn teeth, Y-cut teeth, normal round teeth, European teeth and so on. However, generally speaking, Y-cut teeth and normal teeth are the most common type in the market due to their large production capacity and stable quality.

For different metal zippers, the distinction is not simply the shape but the processing technology. For example, metal zipper with normal round teeth is made of metal strips by die-stamping, the material utilization rate of which is only about 60%. What’s more, this manufacturing procedure inevitably brings the processing marks and even burrs on the surface of teeth, having a negative influence on the appearance and sale of zipper product.

Different from it, Y-cut teeth adopts the processing method of preformed wire. The preformed wire is sheared to small chips and then these chips are forged to make a concave and a protrusion. At last, two legs of chips are bent to cramp the zipper tape. As a result, the utilization rate of materials reaches more than 98%, the production efficiency is higher and the appearance quality of zipper chain is greatly improved. In addition, it not only simplify the post-processing production, but also improve the strength of zipper chain.

Main Production Process

Weaving tape – Making teeth – Assembling tape and teeth – Flattening – Polishing – Dyeing – Ironing – Waxing – Determining length – Assembling accessories – Inspection – Packaging and storage

Main Material

  • Tape: Polyester filament or cotton yarn
  • Teeth: Brass, copper, aluminum alloy
  • Slider: zinc alloy
  • Top and bottom stopper: Aluminum alloy, copper alloy
  • Pin and box: zinc alloy
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