The Voice of Colors

colors' meaning
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What do you think of color? It is not just a symbol of itself, but synonymous with sign, personality or a voice of our emotion, etc. Colors have various implications in different occasions. Now, let’s investigate the voice of colors.

Colors are quite attention-grabbing. They have strong visual impact for our eyes, and then affect our emotions and behavior. It is widely recognized that there have seven mainstream colors. i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. Every color has its own meanings.

  • Red is perceived as prosperity and passion. Also, it can be a warning sign or a feeling of angry.
  • Orange often points to vitality, young and fashion, and just like the energy of sunlight.
  • Blue is regarded as a sense of peace, freedom and stands for reliable and trustworthy, so that it becomes a hot choice for enterprises.
  • Green symbolizes wholesomeness and nature, which is a symbol of life.
  • Cyan color is a fresh and comfortable color.
  • Purple is symbolic of romance and elegance with a hue of mystery.

Besides, the depressive black and simple white with purity are also commonly seen. And so many other colors derivate from color palette.

Herein we can learn that colors can effectively affect our emotions. Thus, we should well consider the different color position in business application. The wisely usage of colors can bring a positive impact on business. Just to name a few, red and orange abound in food industry because these colors can impulse us to feel hungry. Yellow indicates energizing power. Blue is a hint of calming and safety feeling. Considering the features of colors, different colors are widely used across all fields of industry.

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In fashion industry, designers create different items with various colors to express their voice, so does SBS. The numerous garment accessories are matched with personalized colors. We always keep the pace with fashion and devote to creating versatile zippers and buttons to echo customers pursuits. If you need any fashion zippers information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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