The Recycling of Waste PET of SBS Zipper

The Recycling of Waste PET of SBS Zipper

As a leading zipper manufacturer in China, SBS has deeply realized the necessity and importance of undertaking the social responsibility of environmental protection and is the first to recycling waste zipper products in domestic zipper industry.

SBS PET Recycle Project is set up in 2018, which is aimed at effectively and scientifically reusing the waste zipper products of our company. While fulfilling the environmental responsibility of reducing pollution and saving resources, we aim to maximize the profit by reducing the cost. The initial recycling target is 1000 tons per year.

The PET waste products of our company include single material waste products (such as zipper tape) and composite waste products (such as nylon zipper). Due to the different shapes, hardness and viscosity, different wastes need to be granulated and increased  to meet the requirements of spinning.

The Process of Recycling Waste Plastics

  1. For a waste nylon zipper, its PET material can be recycled and while non-pet material should be sorted and removed.
  2. Irregular PET waste products are processed into regular chip particles (4mm×3mm×3mm).
  3. The adhesion index of regenerated particles is generally at 0.68dl/g, and it can achieve the requirement of spinning after solid phase treatment.
  4. After solid phase treatment, the regenerated particles can be put into spinning 100%, The finished monofilament can meet the quality standard of conventional monofilament except in the production of raw yarn black nylon zippers.
  5. It will inevitably produce a certain amount of operational wastes and unqualified products during several processes of nylon zipper. After, these waste nylon zippers can be recycled again.
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