The Endearing Bags that Turned Heads on the Spring 2019 Runways

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In light of the recent Spring 2019 Runways that saw a plethora of new alterations hit the market, SBS Zipper has put together a list of the best bags that were the pick of the bunch. So here’s how they line up.

The Endearing Bags On The Spring 2019 Runways 1
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The architecture of this winsome bag is characterized by an endearing exterior neatly depicted by subtle patterns culminating in shiny metal accessorized handle attachments for a beautiful bead-esque handle strap. It is as beautiful as it is elegant and was perfectly complemented by a pair of similarly styled sandals that came with the bag.

The Endearing Bags On The Spring 2019 Runways 2
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Glamorous, exquisite and sleek are three terms that can be used to satisfactorily describe the poise and artistry of this ingenious obsidian model. An interlocking chain of gold and black accented straps make up the alluring handle that delicately balances two seamless halves on either side of the body while the nicely lined exterior is finished off splendidly by sparkling Channel monikers.

The Endearing Bags On The Spring 2019 Runways 3
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This invigorating design is the cousin to the Black Double Flap Bag with it also boasting the same overflowing design though with a beguiling red alteration. It exemplifies the more adventurous mould of the modern-day woman in scintillating fashion.

The Endearing Bags On The Spring 2019 Runways 4
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It taps into the rich stream of bohemian creativity with this colorful design that excellently personifies the happy-go-lucky, care-free gypsy spirit. The bag blends a lovely mix of pink and other vibrant shades with the handle aided by a cream beaded rope-like strap.

The Endearing Bags On The Spring 2019 Runways 5
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It went with a rather playful yet commendably classy design with this model that serves as a notable highlight of the recurring “Channel by Sea” concept. Shaped like a pleasing beach ball with alternating strips of bright silver and laid back black dangling off an intriguing handle, it was a definite hit just like all other models on this list.

And that round’s off the best bags on the spring 2019 runways.

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