The Differences between Spur Grommets and Plain Grommets

Grommets factory
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Grommets are hole-reinforcement tools that can be made from various materials such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel and nickel. At SBS, we produce the highest quality of plain and spur grommets for different types of garments. Our grommets function as support structures for the button-hole of fabrics, they increase the longevity of buttonholes by preventing tearing and ripping of the surrounding fabric.


Inner Diameter
While both plain and spur grommets are available in sizes that match with their inner diameter. Typically, they aren’t identical in size if they have the same numerical measurement. For instance, if a spur grommet has a #2 integer that’s identical to a plain one, then the internal diameter of the plain grommet shall be considerably smaller.

When it comes to installation, both grommets should be fitted with their own unique die sets or else they won’t attach properly. The die set for a plain grommet can’t be used on a spur grommet and the opposite is also true. Besides, plain grommets are easy to fit even with a simple hole-cutter. On the contrary, since spur grommets are made from heavier metal they often require greater force and effort to install.

Plain grommets are standard base models that perform best in general or light-duty applications. On the other hand, spur grommets have serrated edges that remove the need for pre-punching a hole into the fabric so as to place the grommet inside. However, spur grommets aren’t recommended for use on thick fabrics or materials with multiple layers. Lastly, our plain grommets function best for basic or stationary uses, whereas spur grommets are ideal for demanding settings whereby the fabric experiences lots of movement, such as in a marine environment.

To summarize, at SBS manufacturers we produce high-grade plain & spur grommets that can be used in different types of settings. While both these products have their own unique differences, they still serve the same function of reinforcing fabric holes.

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