The Commendation Conference For Outstanding Employees In 2015

The Commendation Conference for outstanding employees in 2015
The Commendation Conference for outstanding employees in 2015

The Commendation Conference for Outstanding Employees in 2015 was held on Dec. 31st.The chairman Nengkeng Shi, managers of Sibo Company, excellent employees, and excellent teams attended the meeting to witness the exciting moment.

In 2015, the development of international market was in difficulty and the sales of domestic zipper industry declined. However, with the efforts of all staff, the company overcame difficulties caused by the downturn of macro-economy, improved company’s power and guaranteed employees’ benefits. During this year, a number of excellent employees emerged. After the selection and the decision of President Office, 169 employees were awarded with the tittle of outstanding staff and 13 teams were awarded with the tittle of outstanding team. Everyone should take them as model and contribute to the development of company.

outstanding employees
outstanding employees
outstanding teams
outstanding teams

At 14:00 pm, the conference began with a exciting performance. Vice president Tian Zhang pronounced the order of commendation and expressed his sincere congratulations to these outstanding staff. They walked to the stage in order and accepted the gold medals. The medal was seemingly small but it stood for the efforts they having paid for the company. The interviews with outstanding staff showed their love, the poetry recitation named I Am Proud To Be An Employee In SBS expressed their spirits and the song sang by new employees represented their wills to fight.

President Mingqu Shi delivered a speech at the meeting. He said that 2016 would be a challenge. Faced with complex conditions, we should prepare in advanced and learn a lesson from past experience. We should have courage to reform and actively implement the strategic deployment. We should make improvement on product quality, product innovation, customer’s development, fast delivery, cost control, automation and information construction, safety management etc. We should improve the core-competitiveness of company to establish the foundation of company’s development. It required that we should keep the mission firmly in mind, unite together, take responsibility and carry forward the spirit that to be the NO.1 and to be the best.

The commendation conference was not only a summary of the past year, but also a mobilization for the new year. We believed that these outstanding staff would live up to our expectations next year. We believed they would be strict with themselves as usual and make greater achievements.

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