The Best Looks Outside the Fashion Week SS2021

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Fashion never stops, and with companies like Louis Vuitton aiming for a virtual display of their newest looks you can rest assured that nothing will come close to stopping fashion this year. However as usual some of the most interesting looks come from outside fashion week SS2021. Street style is still a huge player when it comes to fashion and this year comes recharge to change the way we look at the fashion wearing way. Just like companies like Louis Vuitton reinvent themselves in these new times so does street fashion, and we can expect the 2021Spring/Summer season to be a really interesting one.

This year’s trends in street style showed a tendency to go for a more relaxed and casual style, Colorful and intricate pants reigned supreme as usual. That’s not to say blue jeans were not around, but patterns, animal prints and stripes showed just how much pants can add to a design and their importance when choosing an outfit. Jackets were also a major player of the season, as were long sleeves in general. Black jackets were far and large the more common choice, but sweaters were also prevalent and even trench coats played a role. One thing was for certain, everybody was wearing that extra layer of clothes, it’s a spring mainstay but it bears repeating.

patterns, animal prints and stripes
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Black jackets and sweater
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Footwear was by far and large one of the most unique aspects of this year’s street style. Sandals were really common this season, both toeless and open designs were prevalent and showed that sometimes less is more when it comes to completing your look. However, on the opposite end the other main player in footwear fashion was black short boots. Black was overall a really strong player in these past trends, with heels, sneakers and material shoes predominantly using the color. But short boots were undeniably the most prevalent and helped give that ready for duty look to a lot of outfits., giving a new spin on the traditional Summer dress with boots look.

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short boots
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Of course, the undeniable fact we need to address is the presence of masks in all of the best looks of street style. Masks are an important part of life now and there’s no way to get around them. In fact most people didn’t, but rather chose to own it. Masks that complemented your outfit’s color selection proved that masks could work with fashion. But likewise many people opted for plain black to make sure masks remained what they are, just an accessory and not the main focus of an outfit.

In short, street styles show the different fashion charm of people. Everyone has its own fashion choice. We can learn some fashion elements from their wearing way and get inspirations for our own wearing styles.

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