The 5 Coolest Application of Embroidered Patches

The 5 Coolest Application of Patches

Are you a patches fan? If so, you have perfect timing since embroidered patches are back in style.

For all sorts of uniforms – rescue teams, sports teams, club members, and others, patched are a regular thing. However, when it comes to average Joes and Janes, the use of patches greatly depends on current fashion guidelines and trends. If you are a patches fan, now is your time to shine.

If you already know a thing or two about embroidered patches, then you know they don’t go equally well with just any apparel or objects. As such, here at SBS Zipper, we decided to provide you with the 5 coolest application of embroidered patches ideas, so you can go with the one that will best fit your personality and enable you to express yourself to the fullest.


T-shirts are a safe bet when it comes to placing embroidered patches on. As long as you pay attention to putting together colors that match well, you are golden. However, if you are looking for the coolest option, you must consider taking a tee with a pocket and position your patch in a way that will look like the patch is peeking out of the pocket or seating on top of it. This works best with animal-face patches.


Denim rules. Jackets, vests, skinny jeans, or any other piece of jeans works super cool with embroidered patches. As embroidered patches will look awesome on jeans canvas. You can use a single patch or go crazy and stack multiple patches on your cool piece of jeans apparel.


Leather speaks cool, however, it can be a bit boring, right? Adding awesome colorful embroidered patches on it will make it super interesting and unique.


Pimp up your backpack and make it super unique with your favorite patches. Express yourself and stand out from the crowd. Moreover, it will also help recognize your backpack from the distance.

Phone Cases

Yes, you can place awesome embroidered patches on your phone cases too. Make your phone look super cool and give it an additional meaning.

We know you will choose the best patches and present them in the best possible way. Enjoy your apparel in style.

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