SpongeBob Yellow and Patrick Star Pink

SpongeBob Yellow and Patrick Star Pink
Image Source: pantone.com

The 20-year celebration of SpongeBob SquarePants is honored with signature hues drawn from the much-loved cartoon.

Having entertained a generation and become a household name, the iconic characters from the hit animation SpongeBob SquarePants now take their global domination to the next level with a unique accolade that is sure to renew and reinforce their reach. The cheeky underwater sea sponge and his cheery friend Patrick the starfish have come to the attention of the illustrious Pantone Colour Institute who are enthusiastically celebrating the 20-year-old cartoon classic with the creation of two, new entirely custom colors!

SpongeBob and Patrick now sport their own custom Pantone hue

We can now produce a variety of creations and decor that pays homage to SpongeBob with two new custom colors: SpongeBob Yellow and Patrick Star Pink.

These bright and characterful colors are bright, bold and full of the reminiscence of the classic cartoon. These vibrant hues will make a fantastic addition to any design or textile project.

These newly developed colors will now sport a range of products and accessories

It’s clear to see that these two new hues will be a fantastic addition to clothing or accessory design projects that want to give a playful nod to the characters and resistents of Bikini Bottom. It  means that creators of all kinds can draw on a precise capture of SpongeBob’s fun and funky hue. The 20-year celebrations certainly bring back nostalgia for simple childhood days and will bring this well-loved Nickelodeon cartoon to a new generation of fans and followers.

Create your own custom products with bespoke enclosures and zips manufactured in these vivid hues

SBS Zipper will be joining the celebrations by offering zippers, buttons and other enclosures that can be produced in SpongeBob Yellow and Patrick Star Pink. A selection coordinated, high-quality zippers will add a refined finish to any textile projects that feature these vivid colors, as part of a novel idea that would work with these newly official hues. Artists from around the world have started using these colors in a wide variety of projects and, of course, merchandising from the series is only increasing in popularity. Contact the SBS Zippers team today to find out more about our fantastic range of zippers, buttons and other enclosures that can complement your design.

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