Splendid Highlights in Paris Fashion Week Menswear SS2022

Splendid Highlights in Paris Fashion Week Menswear SS2022
image sources fashionunited.uk

The Covid-19 pandemic won’t stop the great artists, fashion designers, and models from invading the online and real world when it comes to introducing and presenting the outfits and fashion trends for the Spring and Summer of 2022.

The Paris Fashion Week Menswear SS 2022 was released last June 22 – 27, 2021. Embracing the spirit of Spring and Summer, different fashion designers showed their playful and colorful sides as they combined different styles and hues to produce the freshest and newest trend that will gravitate the fashion world to the highest of levels.

From creative shoes and flip-flops, funky and aesthetic sweaters, to dazzling and unique head wears, get ready as we recap the highlights and takeaways in the Paris Fashion Week Menswear SS 2022.

Sportswear and Footwears

The Collaboration of Fila and Y/Project

Giving you the best and newest styles in sportswear, the comfort and innovative perspective that Fila and Y/Project would like to give is very much visible and sensible. Playing with symmetry and restyling the classic vibes of sports sweatpants and jeans, this collaboration surely gives you a touch of freshness and style.

The Collaboration of Fila and YProject
image sources fashionunited.uk

The Power of  Mono Hiking Sneakers

This collaboration between Nike and Matthew William will surely give you the style and hike of a lifetime. Giving you more of the coziness than of the style and latest trend, this 1017 ALYX Mono Slip-on sneaker will give you an experience that you can enjoy and remember. Ease of use and convenience is everything in this epic footwear.

Summer Flip-flops

Who says women can be the only ones to wear flip-flops? Not anymore. The Spring and Summer 2022 collection assures you that this toe-baring footwear can give you the comfort that you deserve.

Summer Flip-flops
image sources datocms-assets.com


Doublet’s Knitwear

Creativity at its finest, this knitwear sending you the fruity and fresh vibes is perfect for Spring and Summer outfits and travels. With the proper texture and fun experimentation, this trend will give you the best Spring and Summer experience ever.


Loved by different fashion icons and celebrities, these sweater vests are perfect for any Spring travels you and your family might have. Made for men and women, these will truly give you the accent that you need for your outfit. With different colors to choose from, this is definitely a must have in your closet.

image sources datocms-assets.com

Groovy Knitting

Giving you abstract and aesthetic vibes, fashion designers like Loewe and Hermes will give you the quirky and comfy feel of these sweaters for you to show off your personality. Form all kinds of handmade yarns and style of knitting, this will guarantee to give you the vibrant taste of Spring.

Loewe menswear
image sources fashionunited.uk- Loewe men collection

Formal Wears

Comfortable Suits

From Wales Bonner comes the newest and easiest way to enjoy and wear formal suits. Made for dinner dates and formal celebrations, these suits look good even if just partnered by a pair of flip-flops. Being able to move and dance freely, this is one of the best outfits that you can use for almost all occasions.

jw-anderson-mens-ss22-Comfortable Suits
image sources datocms-assets.com

Leather and Preppy Vests

Such fashion companies like Burberry and Rick Owens created a line of metal and leather vests that are stylish and created in perfection. With the most stylish silhouettes and full-skin looks, you will be the star of the show.

Leather and Preppy Vests
image sources datocms-assets.com

No matter what style, or trend that you are wearing, always remember the most important thing, that comfort is better than style. Be confident and show off your fashion sense just by looking and feeling good about yourself. That would be the best fashion outfit.

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