SBS Zipper Released Zipper Fashion Trends for 2021 Spring & Summer

SBS Zipper Released Zipper Fashion Trends for 2021 Spring & Summer

As a leader in zipper industry, SBS zipper adheres to catch the vane of fashion trends and offer more novel and practical zipper products for our clients. What can make your outfit, shoes and bags more stand out? Please scroll down to view our Zipper Fashion Trends for 2021 Spring & Summer.

The secret of circleThe secret of circle

Mobius band is a magical ring whose two ends are bonded together after twisting one end 180 degree. Therefore, it has only one surface. Two sides mean one side, which symbolizes infinity and circulation. So does fashion. Fashion is a loop that repeat itself. Let’s find inspiration from the past and explore the future.

Mountain cultureMountain culture

With the outbreak of outdoor trends in Japan, publications focusing on outdoor style and activities is becoming more and more popular. In addition to bringing us more lifestyle choices, they also created a new camping culture and outdoor fashion carnival. We often long for a leisurely time, so comfort and nature have become the key to clothing and accessories design.

My body, my choiceMy body, my choice

Gucci held the fashion show 2020 autumn in the oldest museum in Italy, Capitoline Museum. Designer Alessandro Michele not only carried out his retro style, but also adopted the slogans of women rights and other elements in his designs to make voice for women. In current modern society, women who advocate gender equality are independent, confident and free. They are a unity of contradiction, strange, varied but harmonious.

Neoclassical monologueNeoclassical monologue

In recent years, with continuous prevalence of retro style, the excavation of European classical aesthetics will gradually occupy the whole retro trend. Two eras meet here to build a new dreamy world.

Electric musicElectric music

Electronic music is very artistic. The combination of trend culture and electronic music is in vogue. The collision of color and uninhibited elements show the infinite creativity and life passion of young generation in the new era.

IP effectIP effect

IP effect is an indispensable part of trendy play. With the huge potential of the IP development market, the adaptation of IP is rapidly increasing. Designers use it in the design of clothing accessories, which will add the fun of children’s dressing. The trendy play style will be fully reflected in the spring and summer of 2021.

Art of lifeArt of life

Vincent van Dusen devotes great enthusiasm in the design of “art of life”. it requires a banlance of shape, proportion, durability, function and comfort. Drinking a cup of coffee, looking at the scenery outside and observing the people passing by. The art of life is finding unusual lifestyle from usual life.

Visual illusionVisual illusion

New technologies such as virtual characters and simulated scenes are refreshing our impression of art. With the development of high-tech industries, the deeper integration of art and technology appears. The design of gradual change, the irregular combination, and the future sense show the sci-fi aesthetic. Future development is inseparable from the past, which is an eternal and worthy trend theme.

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