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SBS Zipper Officially Enters Bangladesh


On April 23, 2024, Xunxing Co., Ltd. officially signed a land lease and investment agreement for the “Bangladesh Xunxing Zipper” project with the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA). Mr. Shen Weifeng, General Manager of SBS Xunxing Bangladesh Co., Ltd., signed the agreement on behalf of Xunxing Co., Ltd., marking the official entry of “SBS Zipper” into Bangladesh.

The SBS Xunxing Bangladesh factory is located in the BEPZA (EZ) Economic Zone in Chittagong. Once completed, the factory will manufacture various types of nylon, plastic steel, and metal-finished zippers. While providing more quality, fast, and personalized services to regional customers in Bangladesh, it will also expand its marketing influence to the entire Southeast Asian region. The project is expected to officially commence production by the end of 2025.

The Executive Chairman of BEPZA expressed gratitude to SBS Xunxing for choosing BEPZA EZ as the investment destination and assured that various support would be provided 24/7 to ensure the smooth launch of production and exports.

After forty years of development, SBS Xunxing has completed its strategic layout in five major regions in China, forming a production and marketing system that covers China and radiates globally. SBS brand products have won recognition from numerous high-quality brand customers both domestically and internationally, making it a high-level supplier in the accessories industry. In recent years, with the increasing trade barriers imposed by Europe, the United States, and Japan on China, SBS Xunxing has capitalized on the situation to strengthen its domestic market while optimizing its global industrial chain layout. The “Bangladesh Xunxing Zipper” project is the first step in SBS Xunxing’s overseas investment.

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