SBS Zipper Held the Annual Analysis Meeting of the Year 2019: Steady Increase in Profits

SBS Zipper Held the Annual Analysis Meeting of the Year 2019

If you enter the factory of SBS zipper, you may be astounded by the scenes that the equipment is orderly operated by skilled workers and numerous products on the production lines go through different processing machine like running water. Those scenes supported by the outstanding sales achievements are not strange in SBS zipper.

Recently, SBS zipper has held the Annual Analysis Meeting of the Year 2019. During the meeting, branch companies reported the achievement obtained in the past year, identified the key points of the working plans for the next year, and proposed feasible improvement plans for the problems existing in the operation. Though faced with complex global economic situations and depressed garment accessory market, we basically achieved the whole goals of management and business depending on brand advantage and technological innovation.

In the past 2019, SBS zipper has taken a variety of effective measures to actively respond to the complex economic situation and fierce industry competition. Through optimizing the customer structure, stabilizing the product advantages, improving the level of automation, implementing lean manufacturing, strictly controlling cost and many other measures, we have achieved a steady increase in sales performance.

According to the report, our zipper products have been exported to over 70 countries and regions like Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa and southeast Asia. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many famous brands at home and abroad. The 5 manufacturing bases at home together with plenty of foreign agents have built a vast marketing network to provide fast and convenient supply service for customers all around the world.

What’s more, we have paid great attention to green manufacturing. Wasted zipper can be recycled through the regenerative granulation line established last month, which will greatly reduce the cost and the harm to the environment. The new regenerative granulation line is expected to recycle 1200 tons of wasted zipper per year.

When it comes to the future plan and strategy, we will further expand the space of international market and move towards the goals of personalization, customization, differentiation and internationalization.

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