SBS Zipper Establishes A Partnership With The Bluesign® System

Bluesign System Partnership Certificate

Our commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable production was reaffirmed last month when we were awarded the prestigious Bluesign Certification. You may check here.

Bluesign offers one of the most important standards in textile manufacturing, demonstrating a company’s commitment to safe and environmentally-friendly production and helping point consumers to quality eco-friendly textile products. We are very proud to be the only zipper manufacturer in China whose entire production lines have been certified to date. The Bluesign certification further affirms our position as a leading zipper producer worldwide.

Sustainability is a part of our company’s overarching philosophy and aims towards growing into a century-old brand. We are thoroughly committed to environmentally friendly production, eliminating any negative environmental impacts at each stage of the zipper production process. And we carry numerous certifications which can attest to that.

Over the years, we have invested over $5 million into our Wastewater Treatment Center where we eliminate wastewater discharge by recycling over 60% of our used water. We are also working on formulating a new dyeing technology — the supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) technology — which will also help us achieve eco-friendliness by eliminating harmful liquid discharge during our dyeing process.

These are just some indicators of our environmentally friendly practices and our commitment to environmental practices is much broader. We believe that our Bluesign certification is just another step in that direction.

In addition to our sustainability practices, we remain committed to producing top-quality zippers that go above and beyond both industry standards and customers’ expectations. We are constantly investing into developing cutting-edge technologies, strengthening zipper performance as well as using raw materials that are of the highest quality. Over the years, we have successfully established the SBS Zipper brand as a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

We are proud to carry the Bluesign certification and be a guarantee of quality and sustainable production worldwide. We will stick to implementing the very highest environmental standards both in our production as well as in our supply chain.

About Bluesign
Bluesign technologies, a company based in St. Gallen, Switzerland has been working since 2000 on encouraging companies in the textile industry to move towards industry sustainability standards. It does so by setting goals for environmentally-friendly and safe production and eliminating the usage of harmful substances from each stage of the manufacturing process. Rather than testing the end product, Bluesign focuses on each input stream to make sure that no environmentally harmful substances are used at any stage of the process.

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