SBS Zipper: Drive Lean Change to Build Competitive Advantage

SBS Zipper Drives Lean Change to Build Competitive Advantage

Recently, Shanghai SBS zipper held the kick off meeting of Lean Strategic Management, lifting the curtain of the lean reform. The guidance of lean management idea, the demonstration of tool and method of lean management, the sharing of project effect were fully discussed in the meeting, which provided valuable references and guidance for the future lean reform of Shanghai SBS Zipper.

Pressure for Zipper Industry

At present, under the circumstance that the global economic situation continues to be sluggish and domestic macroeconomic growth rate falls back, zipper enterprises are facing the dilemmas like the fierce competition of product homogenization, industrial transfer, destocking, and overcapacity, leading to the more fierce competition in zipper market.

At the same time, what zipper enterprises also consider is the pressure from the soaring cost in raw materials, energy, equipment, labor, environmental protection, social insurance, labor environment and accommodation improvement. In addition, with the strengthening of risk awareness of customers, the risk cost of enterprises is gradually rising, forcing zipper enterprises to improve quality and speed, reduce cost and increase efficiency. However, it is difficult to raise the price of zipper products even though the market requirements of service quality and service efficiency are still rising.

Zipper manufacturing belongs to labor-intensive industries, with low concentration of employees. What’s worse, the aging of talents left behind in zipper industry is accelerating because existing talents flow to other industries while new blood is reluctant to work in traditional zipper industry. Consequently, with the increasing pressure of the competitive situation, more and more zipper enterprises are constantly recruiting and training outstanding talents with high salaries and researching automatic, informationized and intelligent management and production to increase their own competitive advantages.

But opportunity and challenge coexist. In the future, with the trend of personalization of consume market, the proportion of customized zipper products is increasing, setting a great challenge to automatic and large-scale production, and demanding the improvement of quality efficiency, speed and cost reduction. As more high-end intelligent production integrating industrialization and informatization stares us in the face, zipper manufacturing is no longer a single labor-intensive industry.

SBS Zipper Lean Management Reform

Therefore, faced with the current overall economic situation and industry competition, SBS zipper has been deeply aware of the importance of lean reform. A series measures have been adopted to provide strong internal power for the future strategic development of SBS.

  • Take customer demandsas the core
  • Improve staff’s awareness of the importance of lean strategic management
  • Create a culture and atmosphere of lean strategic management
  • Conduct the in-depth management reform of internal management activities
  • Optimize organization, procedure, system and technology to reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Form a corporate culture of self-review, self-improvement and continuous innovation to strengthen the internal management strength
  • Build a fast and efficient supply chain systemto improve customer satisfaction and promote the company’s overall market competitiveness
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