SBS Zipper Developed New Equipment Which Would Save Nearly 30% Cost

SBS new slider die-casting machine

SBS zipper had successfully developed a new slider die-casting machine at the end of 2017, which was a breakthrough in zipper industry. The new equipment was aimed at improving the surface quality of zipper slider and ensuring the stable production.

Below are 3 advantages of SBS new slider die-casting machine.

Reduction of Defective Rate
In zipper industry, the stable quality of the surface of zipper slider is a problem. It is hard to control and improve the surface quality of such a tiny item if produced by traditional technique. Blister, ripple and burr will destroy slider’s surface, resulting a high defective rate and the delayed delivery. However, SBS new slider die-casting machine is able to improve the smoothness of slider surface by virtue of advanced computer technology and mould design.

SBS new slider die-casting machine2

Improvement of Production Capacity
Precise mould design is another core of the new machine. The new mould breaks though old thinking in terms of material, structure and die-casting. Consequently, the new device can produce 14 sliders at the same time while the old equipment produces up to six sliders.

Simplification of Manufacture Procedure
Besides, the new equipment also simplifies the production procedure by leaving out the last manual selection. By right of low defective rate, high and automatic production, SBS new equipment is expected to save nearly 30% cost.

The success of the development of new slider equipment not only brings considerable economic benefits, but also shows the powerful technical strength of SBS, providing a solid base for realizing automation and intelligentization.

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