SBS Z-Cuky: A Safe Solution for Your Bags

SBS Anti-theft and Anti-loss Zipper

Zipper, as a traditional fastener device, is widely used in closing bags, garments, tents and luggage. Because of the convenience, zipper is easy to open when applied to bags or luggage, resulting in the loss of property. You may be frequently targeted by the pickpockets and lose your purse in public, which you can not get back easily due to your carelessness. Your handbag, suitcase and backpack require a convenient and safe solution. 

Now, SBS Anti-theft & Anti-loss Zipper is an easy answer to this problem. The super mini SBS Z-Cuky is a unique and intelligent anti-theft and anti-loss zipper alarm available on the market, securing your belongings at any time, wherever you are.SBS Z-CUKY

There are 3 advantages of SBS Z-Cuky, including Anti-theft, Anti-loss and Public Search.

When zipper is opened, or when zipper does not close within the time set, or when your luggage is opened when you go away, your cellphone will receive alert messages immediately after reconnection to SBS Z-Cuky, reminding you to take care of your luggage and articles.

When SBS Z-Cuky and your cellphone go beyond the safe distance set, both of them will sound the alarm simultaneously. Your cellphone and SBS Z-Cuky allow each other to give the alarm mutually, enabling you to locate either of them easily.

You can also make some settings to stop the alarm from sounding when you open and close the zipper personally.

Besides, SBS Z-Cuky is able to locate the position where your items get lost, such as protecting keys against loss, making you feel safe and worry-free.

Public Search
After the Public Search function is enabled, when there are other SBS Z-Cuky users close to the place where you lost the SBS Z-Cuky, the system will send location information automatically, enabling you to retrieve the lost items easily.

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