SBS S/S 2019 Zipper Fashion Trend Report

SS 2019 Zipper Fashion Trend Report Cover

With the start of the new year, we are very pleased to inform the release of our Spring/Summer 2019 Zipper Fashion Trend Report. This bi-annual report will be our response to the ever-changing fashion trends moving forward, in general, and specific to the latest trends in zipper designs.

Below you will find the highlights of our Spring/Summer 2019 Zipper Fashion Trend Report.

Multiple Divisions: Diversity, Destruction, and Integration
Deconstruction and reconstruction are interpreted differently this season, presenting multiple divisions in one piece of garment to achieve new dimension of aesthetics. Layering and deconstruction are applied in different ways, producing a more attractive ensemble with playfulness and imagination.

Yet Another Revival of Retro
Retro designs have been making a comeback in the past few years, each time with a new touch of creativity. In this spring/summer 2019, retro trend will again be prevalent, as demonstrated in the details. Simplicity is the focus in the tailoring, and the unisex beauty adds a sense of modernity, reminiscent of the last 20th century.

Preference for Simplicity and Uniqueness
The growing aspiration for simplicity and uniqueness is our attempt to answer this life’s biggest question: what actually is the purpose of life? Free from any restraint, the pursuit of minimalism and unique creativity will be prevalent this season.

Likewise, the pursuit of personal identity will increase. We are all tired of the stereotyped trends, and we all want to look different from the rest of the world. Lightweight and trendy garments will help in fulfilling this desire, and our creativity and rebellious nature will be the fuel to evolve the garments into personalized fashion items.

Casual Sports
With diversification being the main buzzword of the globalized era, we are getting more and more open minded. The casual, sporty style is the answer to that thirst for diversification, which also corresponds to our aspiration for confidence, individuality, and unrestrained freedom. Innovation and modernity are incorporated into the casual sports fashion, giving birth to the perfect balance between comfort and fashion.

Leisure and Dynamism: A Vivid Integration
Juxtaposition is adopted in multi-dimensional manners, breaking away from traditional fashion. The incorporation of leisure into dynamic fashion adds a touch of playfulness, creating a visual shock that is beyond imagination.

Repetition Aesthetics
We cannot deny that there is a growing preference for intentional imperfection in aesthetics and design, which is always appreciated in a unique way. Avant-garde textures highlight the classic beauty of silks and satins, or gorgeous velvets and pointed styles. These items might seem overly complex at first, yet are practical and formal at the same time.

Emotional Resonance in Design
We tend to be too fixated in the ”now”, and forget the eternal, fleeting emotional resonance. These designs integrate olfactory, gustatory, and auditory sensations in limitless creativity, bringing relaxation and emotional pleasure.

Contact us for the full Spring/Summer 2019 Zipper Fashion Trend Report.

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