SBS Releases New Series of Metal Zipper

SBS zipper factoryreleases new product

Holding the idea that transforming zipper from functionality to fashion, SBS zipper keeps up with the latest trend and pays great attention to developing new products integrating the functional art with decorative art. We pick some new series of metal zipper and make a brief introduction for your reference.

Metal Zipper with Dim Nickel Teeth

Size: 3.5#, 5#, 8#

End: Open End, Closed End

Teeth: Y Teeth, Corn Teeth, European Teeth

Application: High-end Handbags, Garments

Dim nickel teeth appeal us with a misty and matte charming, adding a fashion statement to metal zippers. Compared with normal colors of metal zippers, the soft and gentle color seems to be more suitable for high-end handbags and garments.Metal Zipper with Dim Nickel Teeth

Metal Zipper with Downy Tape

Size: 5#

End: Open End, Closed End

Application: Autumn/Winter Clothing, High-end Luggage

Downy tape feels thicker and softer than normal tape and have a better effect on keeping warm, feeding our craving for comforts in cold winter. So metal zippers with downy tape are suitable for autumn/winter clothing, high-end luggage, especially plush and woolen fabrics. Please note that don’t contact with sharp objects.Metal Zipper with Downy Tape

Metal Zipper with Elastic Tape

Size: 5#, 8#

End: Open End, Closed End

Application: Garments, Luggage, Footwear

With thick and clear sloping lines, the tape offers a soft texture and has certain ductility and elastic recovery in the horizontal dimension. Therefore, Metal zipper with Elastic tape is inclined to be used on clothing and bags that need tension buffer. In addition, it is also suitable for personalized garments, luggage and footwear as a decorative item.Metal zipper with Elastic tape

Metal Zipper with Round Aluminum/Copper Teeth

Size: 3#, 5#

End: Closed End, Open End

Application: Personalized Clothing/Luggage

Breaking through the traditional planeform of metal zipper teeth, round aluminum/copper teeth presents a more novel three-dimensional effect, adding a fashion statement to accessories.

The teeth made of aluminium alloy, if compared with normal brass teeth, possesses several advantages like light weight, strong oxidation resistance and so on.

The chain crosswise strength of round copper teeth zipper is about 30% stronger that ordinary Y-cut teeth metal zipper on account of the two-way combination between zipper teeth and tape.Metal Zipper with Round AluminumCopper Teeth

With powerful R&D ability, SBS zipper is always being devoted to developing new products to satisfy the requirements of customers and market, offering personalized zipper products according to the demand for color, material, size, pattern and so on. Please contact us for more details.

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