SBS Releases 2019 A/W Zipper Fashion Trend Report

SBS 2019 Autumn Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report

Not only is SBS zipper a professional zipper manufacturer, but it takes a leading position in zipper design. SBS understands that zipper is more than a fastening device. As a tiny item, zipper also plays as a chic decoration to add fashion statement to clothing.

Recently, SBS Zipper has released the latest 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report, which shows the latest zipper products for the next year and provides inspiration for fashion designers to catch up with the ever-changing fashion trends moving forward.

Below is the highlights of SBS 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report.

Neutral Element
In 2019 autumn and winter, independent women have a stronger sense of self cognition. The design is more and more prominent through the collision and collocation of popular sport and neutral elements. Elegant female elements and nonsexual elements are better integrated into society and the trend of mixing style is also increasing the decoration status of accessories.SBS 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report 2


Unruly Device
The use of outdoor accessories in the 2019 autumn and winter is more common. Rough metal buckles and changeable metal rings which are presented in the tearing street style by an exaggerated form are bold enough. More and more feminine charm is showed in outdoor devices, and accessories make clothing more leisure.SBS 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report 3


Oversize Style
After the trend of bread down jacket and ankle length cotton down jacket, the profile of cotton down coat in 2019 autumn and winter continues the direction of oversize, and accessories are decorated with a series of exaggerated proportions and shapes.SBS 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report 4


Moss Camouflage
Bio-manufacturing combines biological organisms with manufacturing. Engineers and artists find beauty from decay and reshape the old and rotten things. New elements like moss and landform will bring completely new camouflage effects in 2019 autumn and winter.SBS 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report 5


Secret Of Rainforest
The rainforest is known as the earth’s lung due to its vast ecosystem and rich biodiversity. Whether it is the various shapes of plant branches, or the colorful and gorgeous birds, or the wild beasts, all give us unlimited inspiration.SBS 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report 6


Advanced Metal
Metal color has always been the enduring trend. Metallic luster brings new experience in the quality of shoes. Metal accessories are becoming more and more diversified depending on the forms of shoes, bringing a brand new definition for accessories and shoes.SBS 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report 7


Functional Trend
With the development of society, functional products are increasingly needed by consumers. Luggage and bags also begin to meet consumer’s requirements of function in various aspects such as waterproof ability, anti-theft security, rechargeable function, portable ability and convenient push-and-pull. As an important part of luggage and bags, accessories can not fall behind in the functional trend, either.SBS 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report 8

Please contact us to get the full 2019 Autumn/Winter Zipper Fashion Trend Report.

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