SBS Released S/S 2020 Zipper Fashion Trend Report

SBS Released SS 2020 Zipper Fashion Trend Report

Zipper is more than a fastener. A creative use of zipper may make a head-turning fashion statement.

SBS zipper has always been a practitioner of the fashion trend of zipper industry, committed to the design of the latest and fashionable zippers to adapt to the changing market and complex customer requirements. Recently, SBS has released S/S 2020 Zipper Fashion Trend Report. Here are the 8 highlights of the trends.

Contrasting Design

Contrasting design still attracts great attention in the spring and summer of 2020. The asymmetry presents a clearer contrast between clothing and accessories and the recombination of different materials makes the whole more inclusive and diversified. Besides, different materials, colors and design methods collide with each other to produce more creative sparks.Contrasting Design

Environmental Protection

Making the fashion industry sustainable is a global development challenge. Every consumer’s purchase choice in fashion field will have an impact on our future. Therefore, it is very significant to call on people to start from themselves to embrace sustainable fashion so as to contribute to environmental protection.Environmental Protection

Illusion and Truth

High-tech enhances the creativity for virtual worlds. Gradual elements, laser, neon and other glorious colors create a dreamlike effect. Laser effect increases the sense of technology and glorious colorful reflected light brings a sense of future.Illusion and Truth

Generation Z

Growing up in the digital age, the eldest of the technology-oriented Generation Z have entered the workplace. Shaped by mobile Internet and social media, they are more independent and concerned about their own feelings and the realization of self-worth. In a word, Generation Z have a stronger ability to obtain information, more distinct personality and franker self-expression.Generation Z

Light Function

The unique aesthetics of functional clothing is more and more favored in fashion world. When urban outdoor series encounter industrial manufacturing styles, the whole will create a distinctive light function style, which makes menswear in spring and summer of 2020 more casual and popular.Light Function


Intricate patterns will subvert the trend of minimalism in the spring and summer of 2020. The elements of fruit, vegetable, plant, insect, vehicle and so on are copied and pasted to create full-print patterns, conveying the pleasure of childhood.Maximalism

Marginal World

The design of marginal world makes the clothing no longer simple and boring, bringing a brand new feeling. No matter which kind of edge decoration can contribute to enriching the layers of clothing and highlighting the outline of garments.Marginal World

Industrial Catalysis

A few years ago, 2020 is the pronoun of the future in our imagination. We are full of the longing and exploration for the future. But now, with the approaching of 2020, the future we have expected is close enough to touch. The trans-era change enables us to dare to imagine and realize the future after 2020. The change of cognition is from the catalysis of industrial technology.

Industrial Catalysis

Contact us directly to get access to the full S/S 2020 Zipper Fashion Trend Report.

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