SBS Launched a Environment Protection Project

SBS has launched a environment protection project

Recently, SBS Zipper has launched a environment protection project aimed at advocating the idea of environmental protection, further developing staff’s social responsibility and environmental protection consciousness, focusing on green production and operation, researching new eco-friendly technology, reducing pollution and providing high-quality green product for society and customers.

Not only did the kick-off meeting introduce the specific content of the project in detail, but it also expounded the significance and implementation plan. In order to ensure the order and efficient progress of the project, SBS had set up the environmental protection project implementation committee, which was divided into five groups including the green culture group, the green supply group, the green manufacturing group, the eco-friendly innovation group and the eco-friendly management group.

The green culture group was responsible for the cultural construction of the concept of environmental public welfare, widely propagating the ideas of green and low-carbon life. In addition, it took charge of the establishment, recruitment and management of volunteers and the organization of various green activities.

The green supply group was responsible for the input of eco-friendly raw materials, which contained selecting suppliers, adopting green and safe materials in supply chain. Besides, it also advocated developing green materials and putting the environmental protection innovation ideas into practice.

The green manufacturing group was in charge of the overall direction and annual plan of green manufacturing and had responsibility for promoting the effective implementation of all measures of green manufacturing.

The eco-friendly innovation group need research environmental friendly materials, techniques, equipment, etc., as well as ensured that them conformed to relevant environmental requirements.

The eco-friendly management group took charge of the overall construction of the company’s environmental management and governance system to promote the standardization and systematization of management.

In summary, the kick-off meeting of SBS environment protection project advocated green manufacturing, green work and green life. Moreover, each employee was proposed to undertake the responsibility to contribute to the construction of green earth.

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