SBS is Listed As Fujian Green Factory Demonstration Enterprise

SBS is Listed As Fujian Green Factory Demonstration Enterprise

Recently, the list of green manufacturing has been released by Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, including 64 green factories, 8 green-designed products, 3 green industrial parks and 10 enterprises operating green supply chain management. To our delight, SBS zipper has made the list of green factory demonstration enterprise.

It is reported that the list of green manufacturing, which is evaluated based on specialized third-party evaluation mechanism and standard system, aims to promote the green development of the whole industry chain and the whole life cycle of product. The list takes enterprises as the main body of construction and focuses on the construction of green manufacturing system which includes green factory, green-designed product, green industrial park and green supply chain.

During recent years, SBS zipper has strictly implemented relevant national laws and regulations about environment protection, setting the target that pollutant discharge is under certain standard. According to the working principle of “standardizing environmental management, meeting the requirements of laws and regulations, controlling emission standard, continuously saving energy and reducing consumption”, SBS zipper has invested more than 20 million yuan to build a wastewater treatment center and has improved manufacturing technique to improve the pollutant treatment capacity.

In addition, SBS zipper brings ISO14001 environmental management system into force and imports GB/ t23331-2012 energy management system certification to ensure the systematization and sustainability of green manufacturing from the system level. While developing the economy, we SBS Zipper have not forgotten to shoulder our social responsibilities of environment protection.


  • Actively carry out energy conservation and consumption reduction
  • Use clean energy
  • Improve employee’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection
  • Regularly organize environmental protectionactivities

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