SBS Held A Mobilization Meeting To Ensure The Operation Of ERP System

ERP System Mobilization Meeting
ERP System Mobilization Meeting

A mobilization meeting was held to ensure the normal operation of the ERP system on the fourth floor on Jan. 3rd, 2016.

On April 1st, 2015, the company held the ERP project start meeting. After 9 months, the new system was going to coming into service under the efforts of ERP consultants from Dingjie Company and all departments of SBS Zipper. It would build a powerful platform to manage the whole company by information technology, which was of great importance.

Tian Zhang, the vice president of SBS Zipper and the director of ERP project, was the first to gave a speech. He expressed that the construction of ERP system and the information management were important parts of the strategic deployment. Then he affirmed achievements we had obtained and summarized the experience we had gained. The full participation of all staff was the basis and the innovation of management was a necessary condition. Besides, he pointed out that as the first pilot company, Fujian company promoted the ERP construction and personnel training work in order. Especially in the second half of 2015, under the cooperation of DingJie Company and SBS Information Department, all participators overcame difficulties and basically completed the task.

At the meeting, relevant directors reported the preparation for operating ERP system, the description of dealing with data, and other cautions. In addition, they further clarified the time, responsible persons, and solved recent problems. At last, President Shi summarized the meeting and affirmed the achievement we had obtained. Though ERP project was a challenge, he hoped all people would overcome difficulties and make the operation of the project go smoothly.

The ERP project was a key project. The company would mobilize all resources to ensure a successful implementation. Compared with the previous information systems, ERP system was more complex and challenging because of more functions and wider ranges. However, we believed that we could completed the task successfully.

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