SBS A/W 2018 Zipper Fashion Trend Report

SBS AW 2018 Zipper Fashion Trend Report Cover

As an established zipper manufacturer, SBS zipper understands the importance of zippers not only as a fastening device but also as an essential fashion accessory. Ever since our establishment in 1984, we have been a unique fashion leader within the garment accessory industry.

Twice every year, SBS zipper releases the Zipper Fashion Trend Report, in response to the constantly evolving trends in the fashion accessory industry. To welcome the arrival of autumn and winter season of 2017 and early 2018, we are very glad to announce the release of the SBS Autumn/Winter 2018 Zipper Fashion Trend Report.

If you happened to attend the recent Fashion World Tokyo 2017, you might have witnessed our latest zipper products for the upcoming seasons. This bi-annual report is partially based on our latest zipper design and technology, as well as the upcoming seasons’ fashion trends. We have also covered some of the top fashion accessories by elite designers throughout the fashion weeks.

Below, we will walk you through 7 of the most important trends covered in this A/W 2018 Zipper Fashion Trend Report. Each will have a slightly different focus on different fashion items, but you will see a common theme for the upcoming season.

Without further ado, let us begin with the first one.

Integration of Leisure and Sports Fashion Trends
The urban subculture style is currently the main trend in the American college fashion and is also adopted all around the world. The ancient, urban custom-made styles are reinterpreted in a modern, fashion-forward manner. These items feature simple lines in combination with still and smooth layouts, bold and distinctive in their own way.

Nostalgic themes reminiscent in classic sportswear are integrated with the modern leisure and sports fashion trends, allowing the classic American style to make a revival in the current fashion trends. With these fashion items, bold yet comfortable design is the main focus.

Design Details and Color Trends 01

Eye-Catching Street Styles
Street and regional fashion styles always represent the cultural diversity of this pluralistic world.

This year’s eye-catching street styles are full of mystical allure, with top designers incorporating various symbolisms, patterns, and distinctive red hues all over their designs to achieve bold effects.

Design Details and Color Trends 02

Integration of Retro Elements
Us city dwellers are always eager to pursue a simple yet high-quality lifestyle, and that desire is represented by this season’s casual fashion trends.

This season, many top designers incorporate the integration of retro elements into the seemingly low-key base items. Further addition of neutral hues lends a touch of elegance to the classic, timeless designs.

Design Details and Color Trends 03

The needs of traveling are increasing all around the globe, causing the demand increase of travel-related products and fashion. The increase of people adopting experience-oriented lifestyles also drives more practical nomadism.

Those demands inspire the rise of multi-function fashion pieces, allowing easy packaging of those products during travel. Lightweight materials are the most common choice with these pieces.

Design Details and Color Trends 04

Growing Preferences for Cultural Integration
The re-appearance of simple retro items with neutral hue details reflects the growing pluralism in the modern world, and our preference of cultural integration in current fashion trends.

Design Details and Color Trends 05

Rising Appetite for Tranquility, Elegance, and Harmony
Beauty is no longer a vanity in this modern society, as the world sees an increase in the pursuit of peaceful yet harmonic lifestyles. These traditional yet fashion-forward styles represent elegance and tranquility, with a spice of urban leisure.

Design Details and Color Trends 06

Integration of Technology
In pursuit of comfort and simplicity, more cutting-edge technologies are integrated into the design of backpacks and luggage. Chic yet retro silhouettes are incorporated into the designs, enabling more comfort in our high mobility.

Design Details and Color Trends 07

End Words
The Autumn/Winter 2018 Zipper Fashion Trend Report is emphasizing on simplicity, comfort, practicality, and leisure, which are going to be the main demands of the upcoming seasons. More fashion items see the integration of technology, and you can look forward to more multi-functional and stylish zippers from us in the coming year.

Contact us directly to get access to the full A/W 2018 Zipper Fashion Trend report, and learn more about what you can expect for the upcoming season. Last but not least, stay tuned for more of the latest fashion stories in our blog.


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