SBS A/W 2021 Zipper Fashion Trend Report

SBS AW 2021 Zipper Fashion Trend Report 2021秋冬拉链流行趋势

Zipper has evolved for a long history. It is acknowledged not just a fastener but a fashion item yet. We can find different looks featuring zipper at different times. It shows the imprint of times. SBS always tracing the latest fashion trends and continuing to update zippers in all ways. You can find the latest design at SBS. Now, let’s see the takeaways of the 2021 Autumn & Winter zipper fashion trends from SBS.

The culture of intangible cultural heritage

The culture of “intangible cultural heritage” from China is famous worldwide. Post-90s photographer Jiacheng Zhang redefines the China fashion into photography through capturing and extracting the intangible cultural heritage in every photography shot. His photographs are full of oriental charm. The change of global situation had greatly promoted the cultural export of China intangible cultural heritage. Chinese character, totem, silk, mahjong and others which are clogging with Chinese style has become the aesthetic guide of international fashion in the new era.The culture of intangible cultural heritage

Folded time

Iranian artist Abedinirad ingeniously uses mirrors to reflect the vicissitude of time and culture. He shows us the different images by locating at different age. Finally, we get the revelation that the time shaft is only about figure change, and the sublimation of emotional age is the ultimate demand of new women. Every clothing has its own time mark. Simultaneously, it often collides with current fashion trend. The imprint of times is weakening, while young and fresh state is the meaningful theme in the vast ocean of time.Folded time

Memory plasticity

Along with the pandemic, tape measurement has become a highlight in public places. Perhaps the most striking aspect of tape measurement is the unexpected beauty it records—Memory plasticity. The texture patterns add the outstanding charm on obscure places. Various kinds of spacing signs are impressive. Geometry, patterns, prints, textures, etc. create artistic value and fresh memory to ordinary places.Memory plasticity

Dark healing

Psychologist Rolando created surreal digital art that explored the human psyche. His impressive works explored imagination, insecurity, hopes and dreams. He takes small-size figures to depict the situation beyond reality, which is like illusory dream that only exist in the mind. We try to stand out and escape failure, rejection, fear from dark. Dark healing is just like a deep hypnosis, healing the soul and embracing ourselves.Dark healing


ööD has created two quaint glass cottages in the Icelandic countryside, which provide a homelike comfy environment and unobstructed views of nature. The apocalyptic scenery plays out like a dramatic game here, adding a strong whistling sound and the warmth of the cabins. It brings a perfect experience like paradise for users. In the era of demand for “post-traumatic stress design”, consumers pay more attention to the design that heals people with positive and optimistic emotion. Existentialism transforms life into art. This attitude brings a balance and gives a relaxation towards life in the future.Existentialism


In the center of Seoul’s Times Square, it appears that a giant wave has appeared and could crash down on the masses at any moment. But what actually happened was the incredibly morphing illusion of Korean digital design company d’strict. By fusing art and technology, they can expertly create immersive and multifaceted entertainment experiences. The design of “ multiple tones” aims at unearthing the deep value of products, which can not only adapt to various scenarios, but also increase the recyclable value.Polytonality

Drama queen

Drama king/queen refers to children fashion bloggers who know how to interpret children’s fashion style. Ellis and Jemima show the essence of drama king/queen by portraying fashionable blockbusters with cat’s eye lens, car rearview mirror, ball and other props under the lens of ABI Campbell photographer. Been fulling with tensile action and expression, the scene-matched roles are used in pullers of zippers, which form the unique charm of brand clothing.Drama queen


Under the turbulent circumstances such as the Australian fire, the artist Fidan Zaman drew the view of horizon and told us – Control. It means that we should adapt to the change of the world, the pattern of the times and the climate change and go for changing the bad situation into art. Accessories designers have to look at the current situation and think about the future. Holding the belief of control survives ourselves in adversity.Control

Installation artist

Etienne Meno evokes people’s twisted pulses and moving hearts. He skillfully combines blood vessels with drinking fountains to create an amazing series of strange water vessels. Although the sculptures look more like art works than practical glass jugs, they have completely become practical installations under the creativity of Etienne. In the world of accessories, installation art refers to effectively select, use, transform and combine the existing materials to artistically display new forms.Installation artist

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