Rule of Collocation Between Tie and Shirt

The combination between tie and shirt

Styling the tie and shirt is not easy, especially with the various designs, colors, and fabrics in the market. It can be challenging coming up with the best combination, and it can also be exhausting to go through the various options until you find the one that will meet with your needs.

If you get the right combination of the shirt and tie, people will appreciate the effort you put into looking great and treat you accordingly. Most men’s common mistake is to find a great looking tie and fail to pair it with the correct clothing.

Mix and Match

When looking for your shirt’s best tie, the safest option is to mix and match the colors. Pairing contrasting colors will bring out both the tie and the shirt as separate clothing and complement each other.

Pairing a shirt with the same color of the tie might be the easy way out, but this will lead to you having too much single stain on your outfit. If so, it might look strange and out of place.

Consider the Width of The Tie

When shopping for a tie to match the shirts you have in your closet, you should choose wisely. Keep in mind that various shirts have different width lapels. Therefore, you need to select a tie that is as close as possible to the suit lapels you have in your closet.

Remember that even if you get the shade right and pair the colors like a pro if the tie width does not match the one you have in your tie, you might end up looking awkward. The first step before pairing is choosing the right width.

White Shirts

When it comes to white shirts, you can hardly go wrong. These shirts can be combined with any color of tie or fabric. It is no wonder that this is a must clothing in every man’s closet. If you are wearing a white shirt just note that you can combine it with any tie and still get a perfect combination.white shirts

Light Shade Shirts

As a general rule, the light shade shirts should be paired with a darker colored tie. For instance, if you pair a blue shirt with an orange tie, it is best to choose a light blue shirt and pair it with a burnt orange tie.

When choosing a tie, ensure that it is one shade darker than the shirt. That way, the tie will pop out and ensure that you stand out.light shade shirts

Checked Shirts

It can be a challenge for you to combine the right tie with a checked shirt. It is normal to feel overwhelmed with the various shades available. However, when you are wearing a checked tie, the key point is that the tie you choose should have bigger and bolder patterns than the shirt.

You can also wear a striped tie on a checked shirt. The essential point to note is that the stripes should be more extensive and bolder than the strips. It is also vital for you to color coordinate.

Stripped Shirts

If you are putting on a striped tie, then the way to go is using block-colored ties. It is also essential for you to vary the size with the patterns that you have.

Though it is okay to wear stripes with stripes, you need to make sure that the tie and the shirt are of the same size.

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