Retro Stories: The Fashion Trend of Autumn/Winter 2020

Retro Stories The Fashion Trend of AutumnWinter 2020 (2)

Walking through the world composed of different cultures and ideologies, we hope to eliminate all obstacles to achieve multiple visions through the acceptance of different people and integration of various cultures. However, when the enthusiasm of globalization is fading away, pursuits farmed above subjectivity begin to return to reality due to the anxiety under the changes of times.

In the face of a great many of unknowns, people discard the past and begin to improvise in various fields. Now, it is time to look for the connection between the past and the future.

What colors are in vogue in 2020 autumn and winter? There is no doubt retro colors with smoky and rustic sense will surprise us greatly. These colors are vivid but not aggressive, providing a soft relaxed atmosphere.

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The autumn and winter of 2020 refuse to be simple and vapidness because a variety of patterns appeal to us by different charms. Delicate and enthusiastic patterns like retro flower, complex geometry, houndstooth, stripe, vortex, line, dot are applied to garments, adding highlights to the dim and cold period.

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Obviously, we prefer to thick fabrics to protect us from wind and coldness. Hence, the mainstream of fabrics for 2020 autumn and winter are traditional worsted wool, superfine jacquard fabric, chequer fabric, slightly shiny velvet, matte satin, light gauze and lace, soft mohair or flannelette knitting, thick cotton cloth, corduroy, exquisite flannel, protective double-sided material, matte leather, etc.

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The sophisticated feminine style is in vogue in the 1930s, inspiring the womenswear of new season in 2020 autumn and winter. The refinement of classical designs is a shortcut to cater to the bite of different groups. Overall, womenswear have a more fluid and slender silhouette. Slightly wide shoulder line and slim waist line highlight the elegance of women. Light and transparent trimmings such as lace and gauze contribute to building a ultimate romantic style.

Retro Stories The Fashion Trend of AutumnWinter 2020 (6)

For menswear, nostalgia once again dominates the consumer market. Various retro colors, materials and silhouettes create the gentleness and chic for men. In addition, sports or casual elements have been adopted to add comfortable and relaxing sense.

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