Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recovery: the Sustainable Development Strategy in SBS Zipper

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recovery: the Sustainable Development Strategy in SBS Zipper

The earth offers us everything we need including life and energy. We need to devote more efforts to protect our planet. As a leader of the zipper industry in China, SBS zipper is committed to adhering to the sustainable development concepts of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recovery.

Let the earth have more drops of clean waters

As we know, water is the source of life. There is no kind of life can live without water. Now, we SBS zipper are committed to making every drop of water play a vital role in nature and take the social responsibility in reducing water pollution.sewage treatment and filtration

In SBS, water begins to circulate after entering the production process. The company has built a water reuse and recycle system including condensate water reuse, cooling water circulation, sewage treatment and filtration and reverse osmosis recycling. In addition, we adopt the most advanced automatic operation control system in the sewage treatment process, making the water recycling rate reaching 70% (500 tons per day). And the quality of the recycling water can reach the drinking level. Through the construction of the process of water reuse and recycle system, 350,000 tons of water can be reduced each year, which can supply water to approximately 2,000 households per year.

Let the earth have more sunshine

Besides water, sunshine is another vital elements for lives. Through the use of clean energy, carbon dioxide emissions have been greatly reduced. We have invested in the photovoltaic power generation projects which can generate about 10 million KWH per year. While we continue to use clean energy, we also think about how to effectively save energy. We have renovated 800 sets of equipment to avoid heat loss.photovoltaic power generation projects

At the same time, we reduce the temperature of the production workshop and installed the central air-conditioning to enhance the workplace environment of our employees. We continue to strengthen the management of heat energy and carry out energy-saving renovation. We promote the heat energy repair project of air compressors, which can reduce the electricity consumption of water heaters by 2.6 million degrees and carbon emissions by 3321 tons per year. We also provide hot water services to 2000 employees.

Let people care more about the earth and the environment

We pay attention to the cultivation of employee’s environment protection and healthy sports concepts and call on every employee to take the initiatives to participate in environment protection.

  • Artificial lakes built in residential areas irrigate green vegetation through rainwater collection.
  • The Tree planting Festival is held every year in SBS zipper. By the statistics, more than 3000 employees participate in the tree planting activities for 10 consecutive years.
  • Furthermore, weekly low-carbon travel can reduce carbon emissions by 5,594 kg per year
  • Turning off the light for one hour held every month can save 16,587 degrees of electricity per year.
  • Beautify the Environment is held every quarter.
  • Clean up the Beach Campaign is held every year.

SBS mobilizes every employee to become an eco-warrior and encourage them to volunteer to protect and care more about the environment.

Let there be more green products

SBS plays a proactive role to implement the world’s leading sustainable development concepts in our management system. It covers from product design, purchase of raw materials to the production process.

Let more people go green and use the environmentally-friendly products

SBS takes the initiatives to come up with the eco-friendly solutions and continue to produce more green products. We purchase green and eco-friendly raw materials. For instance, we use a large amount of raw black yarns and avoid printing and dyeing on the zipper teeth.

SBS is committed to researching in eco-friendly craftsmanship. We pursue green production in terms of dyeing. Our waterless dyeing equipment craftsmanship dyeing materials and production control have reached a high standard in the industry. We also launch a variety of waterless dyeing products.waterless dyeing zipper

SBS is devoted to recycling the waste material (PET water bottle) during the production process. We launched the recycled zipper which aimed to reduce the wastage of material and minimize the impact to the environment. All three categories of SBS products have passed GRS certification and the use of environmental-friendly materials account for 70%.


SBS approaches our strategic partners to address their needs on eco-friendly products and jointly formulate the solutions together. We improve and grow together with our partners. SBS will continue to comply with the green concept of environmental protection and sustainable development. Our commitment: by 2030, carbon emissions will be reduced by 50% and achieve 100% clean energy. Let us work together to build a brighter future.

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