Recycled Zipper: the Secret of SBS Zipper in Reducing Plastic Waste

Recycled zipper the secret of SBS zipper in Reducing Plastic Waste

It is a truism but worth repeating: environment provides necessary resources and conditions for human’s survival and development and it is the premise and basis of mankind existence and progress. However, with the rapid progress of social economy, environmental issue has become an inevitable and vital issue put on the agenda of all governments.

Severe Environmental Issues

To a large extent, environmental problems are attributed to of the development of human society, especially the development at the expense of environment. Obviously, it is an important and arduous task for all governments to solve the severe ecological and environmental issues, promote the coordinated development of economy, society and environment and implement the strategy of sustainable development.

A flutter of a butterfly’s wing may cause a tornado. Environment protection involves every aspect of our life. It is mind-boggling for us to find out that even a tiny zipper, the seemingly trivial items of a garment, can contribute to addressing the environmental issue.

As we know, plastic pollution is one of the most biggest pollution problems. Plastic is a substance that hardly decomposes in the nature. What’s worse, plastic wastes pollute the marine environment when they gather in the sea, destroy the land ecosystem when they are buried and release toxic gas when burnt. So the reduce and reuse of plastic waste is of great significance.

SBS Recycled Zippers

SBS zipper has launched resource-conserving, recycling-oriented zippers to tackle plastic waste. The highlight of recycled zippers lies in their tape yarns which are obtained by recycled polyester. The recycled polyester fibers are made from wasted PET bottles and wasted zippers. All three categories of SBS zippers have passed the certification of GRS, bluesign® and Oeko-Tex, which can meet consumer’s need of using green and recycled products. Those zippers made from PET water bottle can be recycled again after consumption, forming a favorable recirculation. The proportion of eco-friendly materials can be up to 70%.

  • Metal zipper chains: 24% recycled polyester
  • Nylon zipper chains: 41% recycled polyester
  • Finished nylon zippers: 70% recycled polyester
  • Finished plastic zippers: 45% recycled polyester
  • Plastic zipper chains: 55% recycled polyester

SBS has made great attempts to reduce and reuse the waste materials during the production process and is always actively taking the social responsibility in reducing the harmful influence on environment and promoting sustainable development.

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