Pattern Trend | How Much You Know About Paisley Prints?

menswear scarives print 2021spring and summer

We often inundate with a wide of varying patterns in the world of graphics. There always have some designs giving some imposing vision sense. The patterns are full of the myriads of changes. In the world of graphics, there are no restrictions and lines that fettered themselves. Boundless imaginations are clogged in tangible pattern designs but always can find some links with our life or descriptions about natura. Today, we want to explore paisley print. Just read from its particular name, you must wonder what does it look like? But definitely you must have ever seen this classic pattern.

Its name called in a small textile town locating in the western Scotland abounded with paisley-pattern shawls. Actually, paisley print originated from ancient Babylon and spread widely in Poland and India afterwards. It was said that vortex pattern was inspired from the leaves of bodhi trees or dates in Hindus. It owned mythical charm since it is inextricably linked with One Thousand and One Nights. The design was featured with highly recognizable form that shaped as teardrops and yet cashew nuts aligned with coiled up pieces of coquettish flowers. With its distinctive and psychedelic pattern, it was introduced into India and had become as a staple textile of Indian Characteristics. In the mid-18th century, during Napoleon’s expedition tour to Egypt, he brought the Kashmiri shawl with the paisley pattern to France as a souvenir. And then it was all the rave throughout the Europe. In contrast, the current paisley style has evolved and updated with more opulent texture mixing with jewel or other widgets. Paisley prints frequently appear on the fashion shows of jewelry and garments of some top-class luxury brands in the world. Even showing up in the field of architecture and sculpture as embellishment.

Running with the times, fashion has multi-angle perspectives on this retro-inspired pattern. Paisley has become a regular attender on the menswear runway in recent years. In the season trend of spring and summer 2021 menswear, paisley patterns melted with classic indigo blue to create a brave scarf print, which led to chic way for shirts, bottoms, coats and some trendy items in menswear. At the same time, paisley in neutral color will be applied to women’s wear. Beyond doubt that it will form a wave of paisley trend. Let’s together dive in the glam of paisley.

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